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Sanctuary Guide Book

	meta.title = "How to use a Sanctuary" = "civplus"

	meta.addPage("A Sanctuary protects a wide area from those who wish to do you ill. " +
			"The inner 20% of the Sanctuary's radius has the most protections, and can be used to protect your most important infrastructure. " +
			"The outer 80% has a lesser level of protection, and is best for cities.")
	meta.addPage("Within the inner 20%, it is impossible to place blocks, use flying machines, place paintings, " +
			"and do other restricted actions unless you are on the NameLayer group with the proper permissions set.")
	meta.addPage("Within the 80% radius, it is impossible to reinforce blocks, " +
			"unless you are on the NameLayer group of the Sanctuary.")
	meta.addPage("Also, within the full radius of the Sanctuary, all man-made blocks are 20 times as hard to break. " +
			"Natural blocks, such as Hardened Clay (including coloured), Stone, Dirt, and other such blocks are not protected.")
	meta.addPage("A Sanctuary requires ExP to function." +
			" The area the Sanctuary has effect upon is based upon how much ExP is inside it. " +
			"Preventing restricted actions will take away a small amount of ExP.")
	meta.addPage("To add ExP, right click the Sanctuary with any ExP-containing item, like ExP bottles, Emeralds," +
			" or Emerald Blocks. Bastions (Sponges) also work, if you have any laying around.")
		A Sanctuary also has a name. It'll be displayed as a title card like below when you enter its radius:

		 Entering A Sanctuary

		To change this name, right click it with a Name Tag renamed to the name that you want.

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New Guide Book

Home is a place you can call your own.

Leading your own nation is a pretty large undertaking. Your citizens look to you for protection and guidance.

With a Sanctuary, you can provide just that. Place one and feed it EXP to expand its radius. §0


Find the recipe in the 'custom items' section of the Recipe Book.

Within a Sanctuary field, all placed blocks have mild protection against grief and must be broken 10 times before being destroyed. §0


Players without permission may not reinforce any blocks or empty buckets of water or lava.
Sanctuary fields prevent hostile mob spawning. Upon entering a Sanctuary, its name will appear onscreen. To set a name, right click the Sanctuary block with a named nametag.§0


To add players to a Sanctuary and allow them to bypass Sanctuary restrictions, be sure to invite them to the group that the Sanctuary block is reinforced under.


Logging out while in a friendly Sanctuary is instant, as opposed to the default 10 second logout timer.§0


This tutorial was written by:


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History Section

Should write a blurb about how sanctuaries used to do both bastion and sanctuary stuff. Amelorate (talk) 21:40, 13 June 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]