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Oldalbert the Younger is a 35 year old, human, male who was the Secretary of Defense of Norlund, Chief Ranger of Vaal National Forest, and the United Party Candidate for Prime Minister.

Character Backstory

Oldalbert was conceived in Spera shortly before the calamity by Oldalbert the Goth and Br1t00, Queen of Estercrest. His father died shortly after his birth so he was sent to be raised in Helmfirth by Bilbo_Swaggins. After the Calamity he was warden of King Frederick's before running away. He hid inside an opening of the walls of the Ulfury Dynasty before wandering North a year later at age 16 to join the Nation of Norlund. His fathers reputation and his prowess with a sword earned him an appointment as Secretary of Defense during the first term of Terry the Third. He founded the Nationalist Party of Norlund together with Segaprophet and Sega built a party headquarters in Winterfall. They lost a close election.

Oldalbert in Norlund

Oldalbert fought in most of the major battles of the Long War. Notably he pearled Aandronpic for 10 seconds before getting killed by Bonkill. For his exploits in Shadow land he became the Most Wanted man in Natum and was eventually caught and pearled. He has spent more time in the Pearl World then all of Natum's other prisoners combined. While pearled he constructed the Norlundic Prison Quarters which is a bigger build then anything he has done in the Overworld.

Upon his release he left the corrupted Nationalist Party which had been taken over by the Emperians to join the newly founded Unity Party headed by 3033. He also founded Viden University and currently employs Apo, Fancy Gentleman, Firecycle, and Godfrey Hawkwood. He is also the creator of Liberty Bucks the first widely used player made currency in Natum.

Recently he helped the Unity Party win the national elections putting 3033 in office. Oldalbert also purchased the Free Hold of Vaal for 7 stacks of potatoes, 3 Liberty Dollars, and waived tuition at Viden University and proceeded to create the first international park, Vaal National Forest.

One of his more notable exploits involved murdering the entire CRS because he thought they had falsely pearled Irishwolfy only to uncover that Irish did in fact steal from the CRS. His mortal enemies are Aadronpic and Bonkill.