New Brynley

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New Brynley
Capital of the Brynley Territories
Part ofSPQR
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
CouncilorsFernum, GriMetone, LtRonaldSpears
Coordinates-9,400 -7,000
Population~10 citizens at one point
GovernmentOligarchical Theocracy
Foundation DateJune 2013

New Brynley was a moderately sized city-state on Civcraft 2.0 situated on a picturesque cliff and a forest biome; Brynley was ruled by some sort of handsome demigod of unknown dimensions,[who?] who is supported by a council to oversee tasks to mundane to be taken care of by such a marvelous figure.


New Brynley is ran by The Council, a three person institution headed by the most senior Brynley citizens.

Current Councillors:


Capitalist with communal tendencies; citizens own what they gather, but donations to collective ownership are highly encouraged.

Thusly, citizens are expected to be largely self-sufficient, drawing from the collective only when necessary, with the exception of communal food sources, which are currently abundant enough to supply everyone.


New Brynley can trace its roots back to early in Civcraft 1.0 when the city was founded by Bailite and quickly became a strong nation in the deep -,-. It was in 1.0 that the Paramoo Wars brought the nations of S.P.Q.R. and Brynley together as allies and eventually the merger of the two states.

New Brynley was founded in the first days of 2.0 by the leaders of 1.0 Brynley to carry on in the tradition of city. In 2.0 New Brynley grew and experienced vast success, expanding over a vast portion of the deep -,-. Along the way there were set backs, namely a series of raids carried out by the terrorist group al'Kawoni which set New Brynley back.

New Brynley played a crucial role in the revival of the S.P.Q.R. after the fall of Solis.

Today, New Brynley is a member state of the S.P.Q.R. a confederation of semi-autonomous city-states in the deep -,-.