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Naunet was the ocean shard in Civcraft 3.0. It is the home of Aquila, Aquora, and Nautilus.


The portal to Tjikko is at -900, 400 .


During week 2, the nations of Naunet discussed forming a group called the Naunet Aquatic Union (NAU) to prevent international miners from mining directly underneath cities in Naunet. The NAU failed to form, but had it, the NAU would have created an international mining zone in the southwest part of the shard where no mining rules would apply. Nevertheless, many perceived the NAU as a diamond cartel, especially in response to remarks by kovio, who indicated that international miners found outside the international mining zone would be killed. However, the NAU intended to only prosecute miners who had been warned after breaking the rules once.

The NAU remained as a loose organization between Naunet leaders, however, and many agreements[citation needed] were made concerning trading, Pylons, and borders.

Thule and Libra signed an honorary defense pact on September 9, 2016.[1]. Shortly following this was the Aquila-Thule kerfuffle, caused by the secret establishment of a Pylon by Thule, and resulting in the destruction of said Pylon along with the retreat of Thule from the shard.