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The face of sexual deviancy
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Volterra
Known ForMaster memer & town fool of 3.0
Most humiliating memoryShitting herself (or him) at school in 7th grade
AffiliationsVolterra, APCT, The Black Panthers, the Daddy Lovers Club
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on
Least favourite thing about CivcraftAll the pretentious, snobby, spoiled, white kids
Favourite thing about CivcraftThe freedom and stuff
Miscellaneous Info
Emoticon of choice(´・ω・`)
Currently listening toImogen Heap
Favourite The Office characterCreed. Hands down.

LPTSO is a gentle creature. He (or she) likes to draw, annoy people, entertain people, torture people, and ponder the meaning of life. If encountered, do not hesitate to greet the gentle creature. Show you mean no harm, and she (or he) may reciprocate these emotions of amiability. LPTSO is usually responsive to balls of yarn, balls of rubber, or balls of humans.

The History of LPTSO

The LPTSO first logged onto Civcraft in, like, October or November in 2014. That was in the olden days of yore, otherwise known as 2.0.

For a brief while, LPTSO worked for Mandy -- Ahem -- I mean, Rekvia. But that quickly got boring. So he (or she) left for greener pastures.

These pastures, in particular, were to the very north of the world map, in the Metropolis continent.

There, she (or he) settled a quaint hamlet with a couple friends.

But LPTSO continued searching for his (or her) own piece of land to build her (or his) dream-town.

And this led LPTSO to found Ember Island under the flag of the Volterran Empire somewhere around April 2015. And things were rosy and peachy and pomegranatey until the server restarted and Civcraft 3.0 happened near the end of 2015.

Since 3.0 has 3.0'd, LPTSO has kept in contact with the Volterran Empire, but now lives an isolated life of a vagabond. Or a vagrant. Or a wanderer. Or a rascal. Or a rogue. Or a rolling stone. Or a rover. Or a looter. Or a lurker. Or a transient. Or a drifter. Or a nomad.