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For information regarding ItzHoover on other iterations, see ItzHoover.

A 2021 portait of Jake LaBlaze.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForVarkonian Senator
Main ResidenceLittle Westmore, Varkonia
Civ Servers
Iterations played onCivClassic

ItzHoover, also known as Jake LaBlaze, was a citizen and senator of the Grand Duchy of Varkonia. [1].

Early Life

Jake LaBlaze spawned in an unknown location (presumed to be Bloom, Icenia) on an unknown date. After pillaging a small market for supplies, LaBlaze made contact with Cicero, a Varkonian politician. Cicero encouraged Jake to travel with him to Varkonia and establish himself as a citizen. He accepted and the pair travelled to Varkonia.

Bunker Incident

During the trip to Varkonia, LaBlaze and Cicero were seperated. During this period, LaBlaze came across the Varkonian Vault and unwittingly breached its perimeter setting off security protocols. Armed guards were deployed to the location by the Varkonian government, but the situation was defused after a quick intervention by senator Cicero.

Settling in Varkonia

Jake and Cicero reached Varkonia and entered the city using the southern docks. After a brief tour which included visiting attractions such as the Tower of Varkanos, Grand Central Station, and the upcoming Castle District; LaBlaze was gifted a home in the district of Little Westmore in the city of Varkonia.



20th Varkonian Senate

As a relative newfriend to Varkonia, Jake LaBlaze announced his candidacy to become a senator on June 15, 2021. Having built much of a recently constructed castle in Varkonia proper, LaBlaze had strong political support. He was successful in his campaign and was sworn into the 20th Senate on July 2, 2021[2], having garnered the most votes of any candidate. During his tenure in office, LaBlaze was the primary mind behind the Varkonian Airway Protection Act (VAPA), which severely limited the use of elytra within the Grand Duchy.

22rd Varkonian Senate

After opting not to pursue candidacy in the elections for the 21st Varkonian Senate, LaBlaze returned to the political arena announcing his candidacy on September 18, 2021. He would return to the senate, winning re-election on October 8, 2021[3]. Few records can be found of any major legislative action during this incumbency.

23rd Varkonian Senate

International tensions rose between the nations of Varkonia and Kallos in the early days of December. On December 7, 2021, the 22nd Varkonian Senate was dissolved by the nation's leader, Mickale, under the Emergency Senatorial Appointments and Replacements portion of the Varkonian constitution. In tandem, the 23rd senate was appointed by the Red Duke; which included amongst its members, LaBlaze.