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ecool377 is an old Civcraft 1.0 player and was once one of the leaders of a small town outside Mt. Augusta.[1]

Civcraft 1.0

During the early years on Civcraft he was a hermit who did not leave the +,-. He lived in a small house where he was alone for about 3 months. He soon left to Rift where he lived for a long time. Soon after the griefings he became a hermit again, living back at his home for a long time (4-6 months) until he became a citizen of Mt. Augusta. He lived there for a short time before becoming one of the main leaders of Xaxius a town outside of Mt. Augusta that was not well known. The population stayed at around 4 consisting of ecool377, wywy100, deathmaid3, i3onkerz and cheapstun. During the attack of HCF he left Xaxius with his wealth and money and moved far away developing what he called the CSA or city safety association who's job was to take inventory and liveability in various cities, soon after he left Civcraft, not coming back for a long time. Ecool377 was once pearled by the HCF.[2]

Civcraft 2.0

Ecool came back to Civcraft hoping to found Xaxius again with his old friend to find out that they had left the game also. It is unknown if he found a place to settle.