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Rift was an abandoned city from early in the server's history, on Civcraft 1.0. It was originally populated by the AnCap community, and often had at approxamitely 20 residents on at a time. The city was built into the sides of a ravine, and was originally 3 floors, although two aditional floors were added to the bottom.

Rift, long after being abandoned
Location+3400, -3700
Capital cityRift
GovernmentAnarchy (AnCap)

Views from the upper and lower floors respectively.

The city was, at its peak, the Petra of the An Cap community due to its overworld and nether location. while the city is abandoned, it remains a stop on Lapis Lazuli's trade network.

The city was abandoned after a raid by approximately 7 griefers[1]. The raids had been continuous for approximately a week, and most of the griefers had seen the insides of a Rift prison at least once. In the final raid, the griefers were able to rescue their friends and do significant damage to several large businessess. The former inhabitants followed business to other cities, leaving the city's architectual wealth to the vines from the jungle above.

Following the fall of the city many of the former inhabitants looked towards more defendable city. Rift, despite its beauty, was a hard to defend city. A group of refugees formed Atlantis, a far more defendable city, submerged in a nearby sea.