Dominion of Yonder-Dixie

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The Dominion of Yonder-Dixie
The Dominiwon of Wonder-Dwixie
Flag of Yonder-Dixie
Civic coat of arms, carried on from Appomattox
Royal coat of arms for House Palgrave in their capacity as monarchs of Yonder-Dixie
Capital CityAppomattox
GovernmentQuasi-Independent Dominion in Personal Union with Nyasaland
QueenSyurii Palgrave
Founded8th February 2019
Preceeded by Appomattox
Administrative Boundaries
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Nyasaland's administrative boundaries circa March 2019

The Dominion of Yonder-Dixie was a quasi-independent state in a personal union with the Archduchy of Nyasaland; effectively a territory of Nyasaland, created by the Treaty of Antietam. It was dissolved as a result of the Treaty of Grestin, leading to Appomattox's independence.

Flags of Yonder-Dixie

Flag Represents Explanation
Armistead A burgundy field defaced by a white arm holding a rapier, with the text 'QUICKSTEP TO VICTORY' displayed underneath.
Cleburne A blue field encircled by a white fimbration around the edges, and a white circle in the centre.
Gadsden A bisected flag with blue on one side and black on the other, separated in the middle by a white line and defaced by a white 'knot' shape.
Shiloh A blue field with white fimbrations on all sides except the hoist, and a white cross offset towards the hoist.

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