Daddychicken Hostage Crisis

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The Daddychicken Hostage Crisis was an hour long scuffle between the nation of Partyland and Avalon, an semi-autonomous region of Sussex. It took place on October 19th at around 11pm CST.

Daddychicken Hostage Crisis
DateOctober 19th, 2021
Result Daddychicken and LIQUIDSTEREO killed. Avalon victory
 Partyland Avalon ( Sussex autonomous region)
2 players 1 player
Casualties and losses
2 killed None

The Conflict

Late in the night on October 19th, Gb223s13, the leader of Avalon, posted a screenshot of a player named UnolyOutlaw's prison pearl. This was revealed moments later to be the discord user Bigdaddychicken's minecraft account. The reason for his pearl was a joke because Gb and Unoly knew each other in real life and were joking around. However, LIQUIDSTEREO suddenly announced Bigdaddychicken was Partyland's lord and savior, and as such said he would bring the Scholastic Book Fair Army to partybomb Avalon if Gb didn't release Bigdaddychicken's pearl. Gb took this as an challenge and dared him to come to Avalon.

Gb's screenshot of Bigdaddychicken's pearl

So Liquid spent around an hour making his way to Avalon, which was reportedly taking longer than normal due to Liquid's wifi becoming unstable. Eventually, he made it and was met with Unoly trapped in an cobblestone prison with Gb guarding it. Gb then demanded diamonds in turn for Daddychicken's freedom, which Liquid did not have. In response, Gb broke Unoly's bed and killed him. Then decided to let Liquid leave, until as he was making his way out of Avalon, Gb said Daddychicken wanted him dead. So Gb killed Liquid, due to Liquid's already poor health due to being poisoned. He put all of Liquid's stuff in a chest for him to retrieve later, thus ending the conflict.

Post Conflict

LIQUIDSTEREO came back to Avalon to get his stuff and then went back on with his day. However, Bigdaddychicken would then steal stuff from Avalon, causing him to get pearled once more. This time however, Liquid did not come to his aid and since he refused to attend his trial, he has been perma pearled.