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CrackerVolley is a CivClassics player and a citizen of Acadia. A relatively average player, he is not currently know for much beyond getting lost in the underground railway system.

Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceNew Turing, Acadia
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Spanish (Currently did a refresher course in college.)
Civ Servers
Iterations played on


CrackerVolley joined CivUniverse in mid-March 2021 as part of the large influx of newfriends resulting from an online advertising campaign done by the server (a.k.a. a Reddit account called u/CivUniverse started spamming a dumb political compass meme and flag designs into random subreddits. He joined Acadia (a protectorate of a nation known as Javaya at that point in time, located deep into the southwest corner of the map) soon after. A few months down the line, he became a citizen of the Kingdom of Wyvern and was self-demoted to a resident in Acadia, mainly for "haha terracotta mountains have pretty colors". During this time, he grew to detest the nation of New Vegas and its associates due to their belligerent, imperialist behavior against neighboring and newfriend nations. When the Great War broke out, he was rallied by Acadian citizens to join the war effort, despite Wyvern's insistence on neutrality. Debatably against his better judgement, CrackerVolley threw away his Wyvern citizen or a computer mouse. In the aftermath of the war, he was granted dual citizenship by King alexmelons of Wyvern. As the online player count of CivUniverse slowly died from post-war exhaustion and as Acadia made preparations to move to CivClassics, CrackerVolley continued doing random work in the original Turing, unaware plans were made to reboot the CivU server world.

Upon arriving in CivClassic prior the the actual national move, CrackerVolley made the long and idiotic journey of going deep into [+,-] without using the railway system or knowing the actual location of Acadia's purchased territory, looting unlocked chests along the way. Upon finding the actual location of what would then become New Turing, CrackerVolley assisted in early development of structures.

As of now, he mainly works on personal projects, easily losing interest in large group projects beyond supplying materials. After moderate concerns of relocation of his cabin and the prominent use of gray stone in builds, he has attempted multiple projects that never got off the ground, including the failed political interest group known as the "Against New Architecture League" (A.N.A.L. for short) and trying to breed a militia of foxes to undermine a proposed bill of demolishing small builds from the government's request, only to realize the government already had that power and it was a reform meant to include a legislative process and compensation for the demolition.

He owns a store in New Turing that sells variety goods including potions, posters from dead nations, and food.