Cortesia-Leibniz War

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The Cortesia-Leibniz War was a short conflict which began with the establishment of the Kingdom of Kroven, on the 13th of May, and sort of ended 4 hours later. It was fought

Cortesia-Leibniz War
DateMay 13th - 14th, 2023
Dalgon and the Leibniz Confederation
Result Dissolution of the Leibniz Confederation

 Cortesia Del Mar

 Arsenio Pact

Leibniz Confederation

Commanders and leaders



between the Leibniz Confederation and Cortesia Del Mar.

Preluding Drama

Troll Bebek would claim an island in the Leibniz for the Kingdom of Kroven. Okx, the leader of the Leibniz would then pearl Troll Bebek for building a bunker on the island. He then moved the pearl into Dalgon. Oko and Yodabird19 would attack the Dalgon spike in an attempt to free the pearl, causing a diplomatic incident between Dalgon and the SEC.

"Invasion" of Leibniz

Okx would declare war on Cortesia Del Mar. after being misinformed that Troll Bebek was a member of Cortesia, when they were in fact a member of the Arsenio Pact. Soon thereafter, a door tunnel would be launched from the Arsenio Pact towards the Leibniz Nether Portal, but the tunnelers would realize there was no infrastructure to disable. A Cortesian team of scouts, consisting of Yodabird19, Vedd, CommradePotatoe, and Des23, alongside Jaimiemie. The scout team would investigate numerous islands and found that a few of the smaller islands possessed builds, but for the most part the nation was an empty crayon claim.