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The Kingdom of FalstadtGott erhalte Falstadt!

God save Falstadt!


Capital Falstadt Proper
Official Languages English, German, Dutch
Demonyn Falstadtians
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ideology Fascist, Nationalist
Kaiser BlueSylvaer
Established June 2013 (as Zana)

July 2014 (as Hjaltland)
January 2016 (as Falstadt)

Population ~50
Abbreviation FAL
High Council File:Http:// BlueSylvaer

File:Http:// DarkSylvaer
File:Http:// jon2600
File:Http:// MegraLew
File:Http:// ZombieMcCarthy
File:Http:// AidanvonLoopy



The Kingdom of Falstadt

The Kingdom of Falstadt was established from the remains of the Hjaltland, Eterna, Carson, and Rosewall citizen base from Civcraft 2.0.


Civcraft 2.0

Previous History:

Civcraft 3.0



Council of Twelve

The Council of Twelve is an executive body within the Falstadt Government. Twelve individuals act as a head of a ministry of the government (Foreign Affairs excluded) with specific duties. The ministries include: State, Labour, Information, Finance, Culture, Foreign Affairs, Justice, National Defense, Planning and Development, Transport, and Security.

Ministry of the State

The current Minister of the State is Frensin. The duties of the Minister of the State include: ensure deliverance of the Kaiser's decisions, update the census on Google Docs bi-monthly, ensure the collection of essences, monitor state functions, deliver the State of the Kingdom jointly with the Kaiser, lead the Council of Twelve

Ministry of Labour

The current Minister of Labour is MegraLaw. The duties of the Minister of Labour include: organizing digging projects, work with all ministers concerning physical labor for projects, maintain pertinent information regarding mining, operate local ore exchanges, deliver a report to the Council of Twelve every other week about labour tasks that have been completed, in-progress, proposed, or cancelled.

Ministry of Information

The current Minister of Information is Gerg. The duties of the Minister of Information include: manage details about state projects, responsible for optimal tech tree progression, acquires information about other groups, keep track of communal access procedures, keep track of snitch groups for the city (members), records all information in spreadsheets.

Ministry of Finance

The current Minister of Finance is Matta. The duties of the Minister of Finance include: record a statement about the general wealth of the Kingdom of Falstadt bi-monthly (probably with the census), monitor communal resource allocation and usage, manage the market within the city, work as an agent of the state in public projects concerning matters of the Minister of State (ie. essence collection, jobs, tasks)

Ministry of Culture

The current Minister of Culture is AidenvonLoopy(ADD LINK). The duties of the Minister of Culture include: ensure the culture of Falstadt stays pure, organize cultural events and activities for Falstadt, can draft documents in the name of the government of Falstadt, maintain cultural symbols and promote Falstadtian culture, act as a regent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in diplomatic situations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The current Ministers of Batavis and Flush. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in unique as it is the only ministry to have a duel ministry. The duties of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs include: contact cities for diplomatic endeavors, has the power to propose war to the Council of Twelve, can draft documents in the name of the government of Falstadt, maintain an open diplomatic channel on our discord, uphold the standards of the kingdom abroad

Ministry of Justice

The current Minister of Justice is Keldoge. The duties of the Ministry of Justice include: act as Chief Justice and has the power to appoint judges unless the Kaiser vetoes. The Minister of Justice does not vote on government issues unless they directly affect legal operating procedure.

Ministry of National Defense

The current Minister of National Defense is Soul. The duties of the Minister of National Defense include: maintain snitch networks and bunkers throughout the city, oversee all operations involving defense of the city, ensure the safety of the state of Falstadt, declare national emergency in times of confict or war, Generalissimo the Jaegar

Ministry of Planning and Development

The current Minister of Planning and Development is Jezza. The duties of the Minister of Planning and Development include: plan and organize the layout of the city, design roads, tunnels, etc upon request, assist individuals in independent construction endeavors (if requested), has the final say on city implementation

Ministry of Transport

The current Minister of Transport is Grayyer. The duties of the Minister of Transport include: determine optimal communal transport layout, aide in trade endeavors, construct (jointly with Labour if he chooses) infrastructure with proper state approval and c`an organize public construction operations for infrastructure

Ministry of Security

The current Minister of Security is Brainiac. The duties of the Minister of Security include: monitor the internal status of the state, keep confidential records (only to share with the Kaiser) about the status and security of the state, declare national security and emergency alerts Kingdom-wide and may monitor suspicious individuals and take necessary action in order to ensure the safety and security of Falstadt and its allies

Council Executors

Cities, Villages and Holdings

Notable People

BlueSylvaer - Leader of Zana, Hjaltland; Late Chairman of the NEA; Elector from Hjaltland to the HKE; CEO of Hjaltland Industries; Representative to the GNA; Caretaker of World's End; Quartermaster of Eden; Late griefer and shitstirrer

Diet_Cola - Late Minister of Defense to Hjaltland; Caretaker of Auschwitz; Owner of Xanadu; Notable Vault Designer; Grandmaster of Eden

jon2600& - Common NEET and gr8 Guy (do later)