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List of Groups, Entities, and Associations

There are many different kinds of ways people organize and collect themselves and their efforts. This page encompasses many different such ways and lists the groups that organize themselves in such a manner. Players and player-made entities can belong to multiple kinds at once.

To avoid bias, please keep the lists alphabetical.

Official Nations

Unofficial Groups and Nations

Supranational Entities


Trading and Transportation

Construction and Design

  • BAU, formerly Baukunst in 2.0

Resources and Farming

Armor and Protection


Associations and Guilds

  • Altaria - An Architect's Guild.
  • Maester Alliance - Non-profit organization focused on recovering, preserving and distributing knowledge in the form of in-game books
  • Teutonic Order - A religious Order attempting to spread the word of their lord "t".

Militias and other Armed Groups

Raider Gangs and other Criminal Groups

List of Historical Groups

Historical States

Historical Unions

Historical Businesses

Historical Associations and Guilds

Historical Armed Groups

Historical Criminal Groups