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Iron Ore as the Input for the exchange
Iron Ingots as the Output for the Exchange

Item Exchange is a system of trade that allows players to left click a chest in order to purchase or trade items. It is similar to other plugins such as ShopChest or iConomyChestShop, however it is fully integrated with the other Civ plugins.

Basic Usage

ItemExchange can be used to create shops trading various items for other items or for Stamina.

For example: You can set up a shop to trade Diamond Ore for Diamonds, and to make a profit do it at a rate of 1 Diamond Ore:2 Diamonds.


Combining two rules (input and output) in a crafting grid results in a Bulk Rule block

To start you need a chest (make sure its reinforced to a citadel group beforehand to ensure security), and items to trade.

While holding the wanted input item and amount type /iec input this should give you a stone button labeled Input: (# Item). These buttons are called Rules in ItemExchange and can be either input, output or bulk rules. Simply having an input inside your chest will make it a donation exchange, where people can left click to give items.

Now, while holding the wanted output item and amount type /iec output, this should give you a button labeled: Output: (# Item)

Put these two buttons inside your chest and you should be good to go. Make sure to label the chest with a sign to help potential customers.

To reduce space you can put the input and output buttons in a crafting grid to create a Bulk Rule, this combines the two rules into one stone button, you can add more rules to this as it determines the exchanges based on order added. A Bulk Rule when dropped on the ground will split into its component rules.

Advanced Commands and Usages

Alongside the basic commands there are also extra commands and functionalities that can be used with ItemExchange chests.

Setting up input and output at once

Using the /iec command to create an exchange: Input is pictured to the left while output is to the right.

With the command /iec you can put items in your chest and create an ItemExchange without needing to use multiple commands. First you want to put your input item in first to the left, next your output item to the right and type /iec to create the exchange.

Don't have enough of an input?

Using /ies amount for diamonds

With the command /ies amount (amount) you can while holding an input, change the amount of items for your input, such as changing your input of 1 Stamina to an input of 50 Stamina.

Restricting to a NameLayer group

With the command /ies group (group) while holding an input, you can restrict the input to players on that NameLayer group, such as making citizen-only ore exchanges.

Switching inputs and outputs

ItemExchange configuration to send out a redstone signal

With the command /ies switchio while holding either the input or output you can switch whether or not the rule is for input or output.

Redstone interaction

By adding a block and a button on the back of your chest, this will allow your chest to output a redstone signal when an exchange is made. This is useful for tolls and horse selling when combined with CastleGates, or even rudimentary slot machines using traditional redstone engineering.

Further Reading and Information

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