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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Holy Truidencian Empire
Main ResidenceNidaros

GenericWarloq is a citizen of the Holy Truidencian Empire. She is currently holding the position of Chancellor in the ministry of internal affairs.She helped her countrymen and allies in the Infinity War, and saw the conclusion of the war.

" I'M FAMOUS WOOOOOOOOOO. Looks like I win civ see you all later" ~GenericWarloq, after discovering she had a wiki page written about herself.


  • Pontifex of Bezism
  • Member of the Truidencian Riksraad
  • Former Wielder of Hinda Dinga Death
  • Token Minority of the Truds
  • The Schismator
  • Burner of Outs
  • Right Clicker
  • Steward of the Ancient Temples