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Bureaucracy of CivWikistan
Flag of CivWikiStan
LocationStonato's Mind
Capital cityHexagon 2
GovernmentUnitary Oligarchic Technocratic Geniocratic Bureaucracy
Governing documentConstitution
• Admin
• Thinkers
Foundation date24 February 2020

CivWikistan is made up of Praxistan and CivThinkThankistan, created from the greatness of the Hexagon and they are the most amazing, breathtaking countries to ever exist in the entirety of Civ history.

CivThinkThankistan is a recently annexed part of CivWikistan, and violent separatist movements have started to show up on eastern CivThinkThankistan, with a few casualties[1]. Western CivThinkThankistan remains loyal to CivWikistan.[1]

Praxistan is the backbone of CivWikistan economy, and the entirety of CivWikistan reaps the benefits of Praxistan's economic sucess[2]. This sucess is in large parte due to the impossibly theoretical and ever unreachable goals set by the Praxistan bureau, some economists speculate that such goals might never be achieved, while others debate that a pratical application of the theory of Hyciv could lead to accomplishing those goals. Due to the unmitigated success of Praxistan, and being the core territories of CivWikistan, delusionals and editors living here enjoy significant liberties compared to other parts of the country such as CivThinkThankistan.[2]


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