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Tribe of Alponia
Location6280, -2500
Activity level4 people (as of 15 April 2018)
Capital cityTabatia
• Chief
• High Shaman
Foundation date2 12-15, 2018
ReligionAlponic Paganism

Alponia was a nation located in the Northeast (+,-) in CivClassic 2.0. It was eventually annexed by Appomattox.


Alponia was founded when ChizWiz sailed from a swamp near Verda, and landed in what is now Alponia.[1] ChizWiz decided to settle there because of its flat land and resources. The main settlement started off with just a house, farms, and a mineshaft. It was named Farleaf Village. ChizWiz also claimed four islands right off the coast and named the largest one Koholia Island.

Weeks later in March, the main settlement was renamed to Tabatia, and the Alponian religion was established. Then in late March, Tabatia was raided and huts were destroyed. The settlement was moved farther inland and was built inside of a circular stonebrick wall. When building the new village, culture was developed as Alponians made a unique building style.


In Alponic Pagamism, Alponis is the god of life, fertility, and harvest. He is chief among the gods, for he is the only one among them able to create life. The other gods can only influence his creation to do their bidding. A yellow dandelion represents good fortune, one aspect of Alponis. Another aspect of Alponis, life, is represented by a red poppy. These flowers and also national symbols of Alponia and the colors yellow and red show up in the flag.

Alponis is at odds with his older brother Daemunis, the god of time, death, and misfortune. The passing of time will eventually cause all things to cease to exist, but still time is necessary in this world. Although the suffering he brings to the world is necessary, none worship him.

The other younger of Alponis, Bravaerus, is the god of strategy, war, and the hunt. He is at odds with Alponis because Alponis respects his own creation of life more than anything. To Bravaerus, death in warfare should be celebrated as honorable, but to Alponis, no death should be celebrated. His worship is rare as Alponia is quite a peaceful nation. If a time of war were to come, however, soldiers and generals might worship him in private.

Tabatia in early March.
The new inland capital in late March with the statue of Alponis in the center.