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Personal Info
Known ForIcenia Secretary of the Interior
Empress of Pavia
Main ResidenceIcenia
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms 2.0

CivClassic 2.0


Xcios is a citizen of Icenia and Bloom on CivMC. Xcios was one of the original bloomeans to move from towny servers to CivClassics, and he is well known for his building acumen. Xcios currently serves as the secretary of the Interior of Icenia.

In addition to his role in Icenian government, Xcios runs a very well known business called Cane Corporation. He owns a small estate in the southern part of Icenia which acts as the primary Cane Corp headquarters, although they do have an office in downtown Icenia.