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Jumpism is the primary religion of a time traveling collective known as "The Council of wjs".

While there is no diety, Jumpism considers certain acts and organisms holy or unholy. Rabbits and slimes are two of the most holy mobs, due to their constant jumping. Killing these mobs is acceptable only to obtain rabbit feet and slimeballs, both of which can later be used to create Potions of Leaping and bouncy floors of slime blocks, respectively.

Blazes are unholy, as spiders and all water dwelling mobs. These beings have the ability to ascend with extra-jumpable means - that is to say, they fly, float, or climb to ascend rather than jumping.

Non-jump ascension is unholy in the eyes of Jumpists because of the core of their belief system - improvement should come from consistent hard work. This "no pain, no gain" philosophy is not particularly popular as it is usually less efficient or effective than alternatives.