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Flag of the U3P
FoundedWinter 2017
Population1 as of April '21
Location6900, 2600

Westgrove was the second city developed in Provincia, it was founded along banks of the Glory to Zombie Lenin Narrows and has long served as a meeting point between Threepton and Pripyat. At one point the town was developing into a point of trade and an important travel node during the period of socialist dominance in the +,+.

Westgrove from the Bridge

With the fall of the SESU and the migration of much the Threeper and Maltovian populations, the town of Westgrove gradually lost activity. Its residents either logging off for long durations or moving back to Threepton and on to Pripyat.

The rail node in the Westgrove district remains an important travel juncture in the +,+ connecting 4 of the largest groups in the region.


The town was first built along the old West Road which ran out from Threepton into the western lands of Provincia Isle. The dense forests of this region were logged but the naturally spawning giant trees were preserved in accordance with the taboo of the Threepers.

Most of Westgrove's development was clustered around the International Friendship Bridge connecting Provincia with the Pripyat Republic. This span crosses the Glory to Zombie Lenin Narrows, a waterway which connects the Danzilona Sea to the Entranan Sea. The Narrows are dominated by steep mountains but the bridge and town were built in a natural windgap roughly 100 meters north of the mouth of the Pis River.

The town expanded to include the nearby meadows which were cleared during the initial logging and through the middle of town flows the Pis.