Tourney Grounds

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The Tourney Grounds is a notable location on Vintage Civ 1.0.

Formally the tournament grounds, the location is a large walled area consisting of several smaller areas that have been used for various events throughout the servers history. The closeness to spawn (0,0), and to the now-gone city of Bastion, have been a good cause for the place's accessibility and popularity for events. The Tourney Grounds are currently managed and owned by Savaguard's Invader1337. [1] It has hosted two public tournaments as of March, 2022.

History and events

Invaders invitation to the event for February 5th: (Lines compacted)

A tournament held at the Tourney Grounds early in February

The greatest Kingdom you have ever heard of and the host of the tourney on feb 5th! ON THE Vintage civ server THE PEOPLES OF YOUR NATION ARE CORDIALLY INVITED

For an event to occur on the 5th of Feburary, 2022 from 2pm to 7pm Central US time.

To join with other nations in common respect and sportsmanship for the Primire Sporting Torunament, hosted humbly by THE CROWN OF SAVAGUARD, King Invader!

With attendance from:

- House Davis,

- Talmberg,

- The Village of the Sun, and

- Iazuli!

The best of your peoples, and any others interested are invited to join in sports of skill, artistry, triumph and courage!

Your prowess in THE GRAND MELEE to be held at 6 o'clock,

Your artisanship in SCULPTURE JUDGING to be held at 7 o'clock,

Your might in the SPEAR TOSS to be held at 2 o'clock,

Your elegance in ARCHERY to be held at 3 o'clock,

Your endurance in THE DODGE STONE to be held at 4 o'clock, and

Your strength in the DUELS to be held at 5 o'clock. [2]