Timeline of CivMC

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The following is a timeline of the events of CivMC's history. This timeline includes the foundation date of most nations (where known), the foundation date of major cities (where different), major server updates, changes to the mod/admin team, major community events, major conflicts, and events which led to major conflcts.

Full date Category Event
17 December 2021 Administration CivMC is first announced to the public
26 May 2022 Administration CivMC is about to release but gets dealyed 1 week
2 June 2022 Administration CivMC releases
20 June 2022 Annexation of Kū is annexed by Estalia
24 July 2022 Generic War The Bob_the_BuiIder Incident takes place, starting the Generic War
1 August 2022 Generic War Rhode Island obbybombs 0,0
11 August 2022 Generic War Generalthomas4 re-assumes control over Rhode island