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The City of Nine
  • 9999, 9999 (Civcraft 1.0)
  • 9999, 9999 (Civcrart 2.0)
Activity levelA population of 59 at one point
Capital cityThe City of Nine
• Leader
Foundation date4th of December 2012

The Nine was a city on Civcraft 1.0, located at 9,999 9,999. It had an MtA-like feel to it but is generally less well known, due to its members fracturing after the end of Civcraft 1.0.


Civcraft 1.0

The city of Nine was an independent, government-less city owned by the Nine Realty, a company owned by Nine's founder, Tbeau1. Founded in December of 2012, the young city quickly became one of Civcraft's largest.

Nine scores a 118 on the City Activity Index (CAI), making it the 2nd most active city on the server as of April 18th, 2013.

City Description

Laid out in a square of evenly divided 16x16 plots, Nine was a city of merchants, politicians, craftsmen, and bounty hunters ranging a wide political spectrum. Lacking any sort of government, the city and its commercial area are managed by Nine citizens on their own intiative. Nine was renowned across Civcraft for its friendly populace and beautiful, organized urban landscape. While Nine was among the largest cities on the server, it managed to maintain a small-town atmosphere. Some sights can be seen here


The city saw growth because Nine's inherent neutrality (due to a lack of government) and remote location resulted in isolation from the HCF war that ravaged other major cities. Nonetheless, a monument to those who struggled for the liberty of Nine during the war was erected by Nine resident Clasp on his property.

There are 59 unique plotowners in Nine, and for a time at least 3 were online and in the city at any given time.


In addition to being connected via the nether highways, Nine was the final stop for the Red Line, one of Prussia's three state-owned netherrail lines. The end of the HCF war made repairs of the rails possible, meaning Nine was minutes away from the heavily populated central regions. Directly on the line are Danzig and Mount Augusta, two of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious cities on the server.

Transportation within the city itself was possible via road or through boating under the roads.

Nearby cities include Danzig, Chiapas, Mushville, and Datan-Kegeth.


Nine was a major commercial hub. The well-organized and shopper-friendly market streets attracted merchants selling perhaps the most diverse variety of goods on the server. An exhaustive list of Nine's best offers may be found here.

Examples of the market's extent can be found here, here, here, and here. It extended in four directions from the Nether portal at the city's center. See the above spreadsheet for listed details.

The abundance of Mushville glass and Datan-Kegeth stone and iron in Nine's markets was a testament to those cities' close economic ties with Nine.

All players were welcome to the public carrot and tree farms, public quarry, and public triple mob grinder.

Civcraft 2.0

City Nine was an intended trade city at 10k, 10k. Situated in the midst of the jungle, it was probably one of the most remote settlements in the + + and certainly in Chanada. Abandoned for a long time and swallowed by the RSSR, then by the FAGT, it was founded by Midas7g. The ruins of the town were found by bgbba during his exploration of the border with the U3P and later explored by Tigen and bgbba during their project to mark the entire border of Chanada in the aftermath of the Mir War. After conversing about the city with bgbba about its fate, Midas decided to come back and try to revive it as a trade town within Chanada but largely failed, Nine consisting of a platform of plots in a 4 by 4 grid floating over a river.

Notable Landmarks