Great Egging of Cordoba

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On June 11th, 2022 Cordoba was visited by a mysterious man who began participating in the act of throwing eggs at random people's homes, thus starting a military conflict that escalated to epic proportions really quickly.

The Great Egging

IceBoy trying to kill The Great Egger a second time
DateJune 11th, 2022
Result The Great Egger dissapears never too be seen again


 Icarus (Second Republic)

The Great Egger

Cordoban volunteers
Commanders and leaders

Icarus (CivMC) IceBoy_Board

Icarus (CivMC) Zolo17
The Great Egger
Units involved

Icarus (CivMC) Icarian volunteers

Cordoban Police

The Great Egger himself

Cordoban volunteers

around 5 men

a horse
3 men
Casualties and losses
1 man and a horse The Same horse
zolo17 warns Cordobans of the Great Eggman.


At 12:30pm CST, The Great Eggman appeared in Cordoba and quickly began egging people's houses causing Cordoban TheBlockyPlayer to interrogate him and asking where he's from. Shortly after, The Great Eggman leaves Cordoba only to return five minutes later and begun building a secret base. While doing this, he continued to run around and egg random Cordobans and their houses for over 20 minutes.

At a certain point, he found their obby structure and began egging it all over, causing Cordoban police to investigate the matter. Only to be met with resistance and more mini eggings done by The Great Eggman.

Zolo17 asks for help, only to be met with accusations of being an immigrant.

At this time zolo17, a Icarian diplomat, entered the city, only to be kidnapped by The Great Eggman in his secret base and held for ransom. This worried the Icarians as their beloved builder was now kidnapped in foreign land by a egg terrorist. zolo17 tried to get help from Cordoba, only to be met with accusations of being a immigrant and a tourist, causing only more confusion to be brought to the crisis.

IceBoy Board quickly responded to the kidnapping and attacked the Eggman, only to lose and die horribly after a long battle at his secret Egg base in Cordoba. This caused other Icarians to get vocally involved with LIQUID STEREO attempting to go to Cordoba, but couldn't be bothered because he would rather farm carrots for two hours.

Iceboy_Pingu gets killed the Great Eggman.

In a surprising turn of events, IceBoy Board returned to try to kill Eggman again, only to be met with TheBlockyPlayer betraying Cordoba and allying with the Great Eggman. Jozef_Franco, another Cordoban, also decided to side with the Great Eggman because he was so based.

TheBlockyPlayer betrays and kills Iceboy_Pingu.

To this day, the results of this conflict are unknown and the Great Eggman disappeared without a trace after participating in a significant amount of tomfoolery.