The Failure of the Holy Roman Empire

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The Failure of the Holy Roman Empire was a failed attempt to make a nation in Civtest between the 6th and 11th of April 2020.


Everything the Holy Roman Empire has built after ferrum left. The wooden cuboid being damaged and the chest outside were dug. Suchtea, a member of the Minetest community admitted to doing this.

The person initiating this was FerrumPrinceps, the leader, or "emperor" of a gaming group called the The United Empire of Ferrum[1] which had activity on previous Minetest servers such as Persistent Kingdoms, Telesight Skywars and a blockman-like mobile game, The Blockheads[2], none of these "territories"[3] seem to be active anymore.

A potentially ironic statement

Intial Movements

Ferrumprinceps first discovered Civtest on the 6th of April and promptly directed his discord with an "edict" to begin settlement on the server.

The academy refers to a college teaching players to mod Minetest

He then proceeded to make the most comprehensive map of the server so far over the course of a few days. The rendered output is publicly excessable.[4]

The claims of The Holy Roman Empire

A comparatively large land claim within the swamp jungle south of Minetown was declared as he was making a trade deal with the nation. His players acting as security in exchange for wrought iron and steel ingots. Although he apparently discovered many ore veins, the location of which he never shared, he didn't have the infrastructure to smelt the ore.

Conflict Encroaching

Meanwhile on the 7th of April Ferrumprinceps was getting anxiety from the possibility of being pearled before setting up fortifications and getting soldiers on the server, in fear of Mt Chungusta and Rubenwardy, who has only logged onto the server one time and made a comment on the Civtest discord about his land claims. Both of these never happened nor were they necessary due to the most players being online at the time would be four in ideal circumstances. A plan involving a spy was made but would have been impossible due to no one in Mt Chungusta being present to sign in a new citizen.

Arrow pointing to everything ferrumprinceps has built on the server. A structure resembling a fence and guard tower. The depressions in the dirt are from the destruction of the tiny partially built church, presumably by Suchtea as no one was sighted there at the time. The destruction of the cuboids roof shows the dirt floor

Failure realised

On the 11th of April he cut the trade deal off with Minetown for not delivering and declaring neutrality despite the fact these were both strategic actions and he did not make one enclosed reinforced structure on the server yet to store several stacks of metal ingots nor any players apart from himself. His 4x4x4 wooden cuboid guard tower was reinforced with stone but still had a dirt floor.[5] Ferrum also perceived that the server admin, R3 was against him due to a bug preventing reinforced blocks from being made which was fixed shortly after he left the server and that R3 had the "influence" to pearl him. His entire gaming group over the course of his activity on the server and afterwards ignored his pleas to call to action in his own discord server. Ferrumprinceps then declared war on Minetown and Benjaminsburg, the second essentially being the admins lawn chair to watch server events with no one within it having even logged on during the events described, and left the server presumably with Suchtea destroying his constructions south of Minetown shortly after by wandering upon them.


  4. Due to the only conventional method of saving map data locally being the option in the advanced minetest settings on the client to save loaded in mapblocks, or chunks, meaning travel is necessary to map out areas without admin cooperation.
  5. At the time a stone axe had a dig time of two seconds on choppy 2 which was the dig group of the wooden planks. This means even if someone were to dig through the wood reinforced with stone (25) instead of the floor it would take 50 seconds to get to a chest within.