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For general tips and structure when editing the Comprehensive Guide, see Talk:Comprehensive Guide.


  • Rewrite compactor section to be clearer
  • A more detailed factory guide : Instead of just discussing three factories mention significant recipes that are not just yield increases (e.g. Biolab can change saplings). Also compare yield increase amounts between factories. There is no updated, easy to use factory tree anywhere to my knowledge either, an infographic may be useful.
  • There might be a need for a detailed guide of how to interact with and navigate factorymod GUI's - step by step images

Citations needed

  • How many months does it take for factory to degrade to 0 health? ("Factories have health which degrades over a number of months")
  • What is the variation of repair cost ("The cost to repair a factory ranges from 5 to 15% of setup cost")
  • Do tools and armor need same enchantment order to compact ("All compacted items must have the same NBT data ,for example, you can only compact eight swords if each has same enchantment and enchantment order")

Realistic Biomes

  • Add specific numbers for things like "how much slower do crops grow with glowstone instead of sunlight"?


  • Are nether ore spawns based on biome or block type?
  • What is the specific text that appears when a diamond spawns?
  • Add more details on veins - eg. slant
  • Illustration of a vein
  • Previously linked Saren mining video has been deleted - is there an alternative?


  • What heads can you get?
  • Make long table collapsible


  • What brews supersede max vanilla effects?


  • Add images and usage examples
  • Fix formatting, fix tone (which is too casual)

Arthropod eggs

  • Formatting : find way to collapse large table while also collapsing respective notes.


- discuss different XP recipes