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Any relevant information pertaining to CivClassic mechanics and gameplay belongs in the Comprehensive Guide. Nevertheless, article standards are not lowered and superfluous content is unacceptable.

General guidelines

  • Try to write in a reasonably academic/'wiki appropriate' style. Second person is allowed but try to minimize its usage when possible
  • Use references to cite sources when possible (eg. A plugin readme)
  • Do not segregate content by plugin for no reason. If multiple plugins change the same gameplay aspect it is better to group the content under one section (However, do use footnotes to show which plugin does what - this can be helpful for readers interested in finding external sources).
  • Use and fix {{Citation needed}} and {{Clarify}} messages.
  • Plugins may not cleanly fit inside a core comprehensive guide section World,Production,Protection,Combat. However if most of a plugin or mechanic is relevant, it is preferable to place it in respective category then in Miscellaneous.


Sections are ranked roughly by the proportion of pertinent information filled in.

Almost all pertinent information

Most pertinent information

Some pertinent information

Very little or no pertinent information

Existing Guides

Existing guides may be useful to mine for information. Those listed below are likely to have been extensively mined already.

You may add more guides to this list that may contain pertinent information:

Formatting To Do

  • Links from one part of the Comprehensive Guide to another part of the Comprehensive Guide should be distinguishable from links to elsewhere on the Wiki. e.g. CG:Citadel
  • Templates for talkpages eg. section completeness could be useful

To Do

  • Could use a section on superfriends, modmail and how administration works.