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Add a topic if your civ is not on the map, portrayed incorrectly or disproportionately small.

Mir and Anguish Civball

The Anguish civball directly north of Mir needs removing and the Mir civball needs expanding to cover this and the land to the south.

Mobile considerations

Not sure how possible it would be to add css media queries to the map to make them not display on mobile. On smaller screens or phones it is sorta horrible and makes the site load significantly slower.

User:Squareblob Image map now hides on mobile devices

Lëtzebuerg Presence

As leader of the state of Lëtzebuerg, subject to the Grand Duchy of Columbia, I request that my nation be included on the map and front page of the wiki. I believe, although a work in progress, my wiki page is being very well-built, and that it would serve as a good template for future nations to model theirs on. Furthermore, I just want the presence of Lëtzebuerg known to the world. The coordinates of Lëtzebuerg are posted at the bottom of the infobox on its wiki page if my request is to be granted. Thank you for reading.

User:Squareblob Lëtzebuerg is under featured civs

Letzebuerg and BOX

Considering that BOX has been discontinued/dissociated from Columbia (and also has no page), and Letzebuerg no longer exists, I would recommend removing those two things from the map, and from the wiki perhaps (at least in Letzebuerg's case) if that's possible. Also Xalta Moro should be added next to Falstadt. That is all.

Republic of Freelands


Entranan Republic

We've been around for a while, and have a fully updated wiki page now! Could we be added to the map or list of pages?

Added categories at the bottom of your page, you now appear in the list. the civball map definitely needs an update but that has been taking a while. it's being discussed here --Gjum (talk) 10:50, 26 August 2018 (UTC)

Side Bar

Can we add links to lists of players, nations and events to the side bar so:

Main Page

Recent Changes

Random Page





or something like this?

add Neuchâtel PLEASE



I've made and filled out the Nyasaland page, I feel like we're at least worthy of 'good'

Nice, added Squareblob (talk) 15:36, 18 December 2018 (UTC)