Pax Surrexi (1.0)

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Pax Surrexi
Pax Surrexi
Location-4200, 7400
Foundation dateMarch 31st, 2012

Pax Surrexi

Early history

The following is taken from a BookWorm book in April, 2012:

A Brief History of Pax Surrexi

by puddinchop

Pax Surrexi was formally established on March 31st, 2012[1], the day that puddinchop and immelol arrived in the town. Prior to this, mpmcfarlane had been diligently working on the land to make a home and a living. Pax Surrexi was proposed by immelol4 on April 1st, and was adopted the same day. At the time of the writing of this book [April 6th], the additions of puddichop's house, immelol4's house, the wheat farm, the melon farm, the sugar farm, the pigpen, the chicken coop, and several bits of infrastructure have improved the town. On April 5th, a bread sales chest was established in Columbia to provide money for the settlement. Our plans for the future include, but are not limited to, a Nether portal, a castle, and defenses against griefers and hostile mobs. We are in essence a stateless AnCap town, however mpmcfarlane's libertarian views should be noted. We are in friendly relations with the commune of Nebtown, and with the citizens of Columbia and the small settlement of Kizantium.

Our coordinates are (-4200, 7400), and we hope to soon expand into a very productive and profitable settlement. Hooray! \(^o^)/ immelol4 met csraper a few times, and after they had become acquainted, immelol invited csraper to our humble town on April 5th. On April 6th, comradejoseph joined us, after spawning in the desert nearby. The Nether Portal was built on April 6th by immelol, in puddinchop's Big-Ass Mine. Our sixth addition to the settlement, jamjub, came on April 7th. He and csraper are tight *cross fingers* like that. He quickly made himself a prominent member of the community, building a cool guard tower and scouring the mineshafts for some cool stuff.


Somnolentus became an official colony of Pax Surrexi on the 8th of April 2012[2] having been built by puddinchop and consisting of a house and the Somnolentus Library, puddinchop may have been the only inhabitant. The site of the colony was chosen by randomspawning and chosing wherever they ended up[2].

Screenshots - April 13th, 2012

Guard tower of Pax Surrexi

puddinchop's house

The fall of the Town

Pax surrexi's activity decreased and the town became inactive in April 2012. Some of its members moved to other towns. Pax Surrexi was later griefed. [3]