Pavian Wool Incident

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Pavian Wool Incident
Sandtopia,  Pavia
Result Both bandits got pearled and released soon after.

Pavian Wool Incident happened on february 11th, 2023. Two citizens from Warmia (_Klopsik, PAWEL_XD_) arrived in Sandtopia (a region of Pavia) with intention of steeling wool for their buildings in Warmia. Pirate _Klopsik and bandit PAWEL_XD_ had broken into their warehouse and had stolen a bunch of wool. After that, they've decided to explore Sandtopia a bit more. Later on, when they were about to enter their boats, they noticed Creepi0n and ShadySauce over the horizon. After a short, unsuccessful fight, Creepi0n and ShadySauce managed to pearl both _Klopsik and PAWEL_XD_. They were supposed to stay pearled for 2 days, yet after successful negotiations between Warmian Governor 1111111111111000 and Pavian authorities, they were freed about 20 minutes after they got pearled.