New Antioch

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New Antioch
• Pope
Foundation date2017 05 20

New Antioch was a nation was first founded on CivEx 3.0, but went on to exist on TheRealmsMc, CivEx: First Light and CivClassics. New Antioch was a theocracy, being lead by the Pope Leobonet on all iterations it was present. New Antioch also had an extensive charter of law.[1]

Civex 3.0

New Antioch was founded 3 days after the release of 3.0, slightly west of 0,0. It was famous for it's big unfinished cathedral, fishing industry and crusades. A notable event was the "Liberation of Jianzhou" in which the brave New Antioch crusaders at the request of a Jianzhou native, Mortenhill, declared war on Jianzhou. Jianzhou had recently had a coup of its democracy and namelayers had been siezed, warranting the New Antioch government to intervene and stabilize the region. Following a New Antioch victory, Jianzhou was split in two parts - settling the matter of who owned what builds in the conflict. [2]


New Antioch didn't last very long on TheRealmsMc, despite being on friendly relations with the vikings that plagued many other nations.

Civex: First Light

Because of its location close to 0,0 and First Light being plagued by raiders during its early weeks - New Antioch was raided almost hourly. The raiders were generally better equipped due to their ill-gotten gains, but the local New Antiochians put up a staunch resistance, even managing to outnumber and kill small raider groups (but pearling were out of the question due to their position in the tech tree). New Antioch, while still having an official city, generally moved into the mountains to avoid raiders. New Antioch's main "fortification" and original base camp was an abandoned, renovated castle that was there at launch. Like on 3.0, the cathedral was built and even became more completed - but due to First Light dying off, the cathedral never fully got to see the light of day,

After the population being tired of constant raiding, talks with Bastion was initiated, and part of the population moved as refugees into Bastion temporarily. Some of the locals decided to stay and defend their property, without success. This lead to New Antioch fighters partaking in the dismantling of the Gamertown vault, notably Leobonet broke the last block of the spike - thus releasing fallen coalition soldiers.

In northern New Antioch, some territory was disputed with Ancomptom, which later sparked a conflict with Veria - that was won with the help of SlaveGirl (Asumaru).


New Antioch on Classics was founded at launch, but never became much more than a small village. It's location close to 0,0 made New Antioch come into conflict with ComradeNick who claimed 0,0. After this, due to real life obligations, most of New Antioch quit civ. New Antioch's claim was eventually taken over by Icenia, and it's town became nothing more than a footnote.[3]


Saint Lucias cathedral in Norlund was inspired by the versions of it existing on CivEx 3.0 and CivEx: First Light.