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A mainline Civ server is one that is part of the sequence of servers tracing back to Civcraft, the first Civ server. Mainline servers are characterized by providing a continuity of the Civ community and culture. Generally, this means using a similar core set of plugins as the previous mainline server, having a significant portion of the Civ community play on the server, and being a "spiritual successor" of the previous mainline server.

Generally, there is only one mainline server active at any given time. This means that it is always possible to trace a "lineage" from the current mainline server back to Civcraft.


The following are generally accepted as the mainline servers:


  1. While Civcraft is widely considered to be the first Civ server, it traces back culturally to AncapMinecraft. AncapMinecraft is sometimes called a "proto Civ-server".
  2. In early 2020, CivClassic experienced a major period of inactivity, during which many players and the majority of civ community activity moved to CivRealms. However, CivClassic returned to prominence in 2021 and remained the undisputed mainline server until its closing.