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The Margravate of Lëtzebuerg
flag of Lëtzebuerg
National Flag of Lëtzebuerg
Location-3850, -8350
Capital cityShiedstad
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Margrave
Foundation date3 November 2017
ReligionChurch of the Sister Falls
IdeologyAdvisory Autocracy
Motto"Stolz an der Eenheet"
National Anthem"De Wilhemus"

The Margravate of Lëtzebuerg is a subject state to The Grand Duchy of Columbia which is located in the Center Northwest of the CivClassic map. It is governed absolutely by Margrave shadedoom, however is advised on policy by a body of citizens called the Assembly of Lëtzebuerg. Lëtzebuerg has yet to adopt an official governing document, however the drafting of one is under way. Currently Lëtzebuerg has a state of self-rule under Columbia.


The Formation Period

The formation of Lëtzebuerg began with the founding of the Grand Duchy of Columbia, and the division of its internal territories. In the beginning of Columbia on CivClassic, when it lacked a formal government as was ruled absolutely by the Grand Duke kdeeks, land was largely up for grabs among the citizenry. As part of the unofficial government's policy towards the division of land, those who had titles of nobility were promised large, private estates, which they could then govern loosely with their own laws and customs. Several of these states formed, including: Apolland, Hamlet (now the Historical District of Columbia), and Lëtzebuerg. The leader of Lëtzebuerg, Margrave (then Fürst) shadedoom, originally founded his private estate to encompass an entire island province in Northwestern Columbia, however this was built-over by Baron Green_Trump of Apolland. After having his land effectively stolen from under him, shadedoom moved his claim to another island province, this time in the Southeast of Columbia, which is where modern Lëtzebuerg resides. Around this time, shadedoom also went inactive for three weeks and was demoted to the noble title of Margrave from that of Fürst. Lëtzebuerg was officially granted autonomy and self-rule by Grand Duke kdeeks of Columbia on November 3rd, 2017.

Development as a Nation

Several months later in the course of Lëtzebuerg's history, Margrave shadedoom began to promote the country on a world stage. This process began with a declaration of its existence on the CivClassic Subreddit, and was carried on there with further posts about recruitment to the nation, the expansion of foreign relations with countries mapwide, and the annexation of additional land beyond the borders of Columbia. This land was officially annexed on March 4th, 2018, and was named The Earldom of Grevenmacher. The position of Earl to this territory is still open to claim by a citizen of Lëtzebuerg who can prove themselves beneficial to the national agenda. As of the end of March of 2018, construction on the capital city Shiedstad has gone under active planning on the Columbia Creative Server, and is expected to begin in April of 2018.


Lëtzebuerg Proper

The mainland of Lëtzebuerg is one moderately-sized island, of broader form in the Southwest and narrower form in the Northeast, and two smaller sandbar islands off the Southeast coast of the Mountain District of Columbia. The largest island is a diagonally-tilted savannah plateau with steep, cliffy sides, and an average elevation of 128 blocks, that number being artificially deflated due to the terraforming of the Southwestern half of the island to accommodate infrastructure for the capital city of Shiedstad. The entire Northeastern half of the island is an untouched nature reserve, which resembles how Lëtzebuerg used to look before development of the capital city began.

Earldom of Grevenmacher

The island of Grevenmacher is a small, fairly round territory, featuring several small bays, ponds, and lava pools. It is also accompanied by two small sandbar islands. Its coast is a short, yet raised overhang, making the area a plateau with no usable beaches, however the majority of its actual land is flat, making it suitable for the construction of future infrastructure. Grevenmacher is also a taiga biome, meaning it hosts heavy snowfall at times, however it is mostly deforested of spruce and birch trees due to past logging efforts.

Culture And Customs

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General Structure

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Lëtzebuergesch Laws

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Foreign Relations

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