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The Kingdom of Jerusalem was a nation run by Ogel6000 from late 2017 to early 2018 in the far +,+ (CivClassic 2.0) region before going inactive.

Holy Kingdom of
Capital cityJerusalem


Jerusalem was started in late 2017 by Ogel and had a decent sized group of players, comprised of CivCraft 2.0 veterans and 4chan users who wanted to do controversial LARPing, who helped build up the nation on a small island surrounded by Mesa. However the nation would be disrupted when one of the players would begin a rebellion and create a nation called Wananabazique Lonu, which started a civil war in the kingdom, splitting the group in half. This conflict would effectively kill the nation off entirely with Ogel himself dissolving Jerusalem in early-2018. The nation would be left completely abandoned for months until being annexed by Pruthenia who considered the names given to the territories blasphemous due to their Jewish / Islamic ties and forced all the territories to be renamed. After the unfication of Thalassocracy and Pruthenia, creating Vítelia, a few players from Jerusalem returned and asked for independence once more, which was granted. It would stay semi-active until late 2019 after the end of the SATO-Vitelia War and the beginning of the NATO-Mir War, it quietly went back into inactivity for the next 2 years until Halcyon claimed the land in September of 2021.