Great Carbon Bread War

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The Great Carbon Bread War was a conflict on Civcraft 2.0 in the city of Carbon over the citizens' right to eat bread, begining in May 2014. The ban on bread had begun over a year prior, when the Carbon Council placed controls on wheat products so quotas could be met for XP production. After the nerfing of the wheat cauldron and advances in XP-production in Carbon, the ban of wheat was retained as a cultural oddity unique to the city.

In May of 2014, bodhidharma of the LSIF posted a thread bringing the bread ban to public attention with a call to arms for citizens to reclaim their right to choose bread, calling for them to overthrow their (allegedly) corrupt government if necessary.

Soon after, Stormtrooper26 posted a thread beginning planning for Operation: Liberation Breadlift, which would involve activists from across the server converging on Carbon to supply bread to the citizens in spite of the prohibition.

Within 24 hours, two separate political actions took place in Carbon protesting the ban. Two activists appeared in Carbon and placed free, public-reinforced bread dispensers throughout the city, with signs claiming credit to the LSIF . They were eventually caught in the act and chased down by the authorities and some citizens until they both committed suicide to evade capture. Later, two activists claiming to represent "The Bread Party" scaled Carbon's Eiffel-tower replica and symbollically placed bread on the flag at the top.

In an official response, the Carbon Council announced that it had no intent of lifting the prohibition, violators would be pearled, and further extended the ban to cake as well. Bread Party organizer, TheKingOfGames, also announced that he had been receiving threats from the Council and urged his followers to not be deterred. Due to the Carbon Council's announcement on the ban of all wheat products Stormtrooper26 promised to ramp up his campagin against Carbon's anti-bread law, he also announced the renaming of the operation to Operation: Olive Garden.

TheKingOfGames was eventually pearled by Carbon officials, apparently in exchange for publicly admonishing players who had been griefing carbon allegedly in protest of the ban he would be released. He also started a subreddit for Operation: OG which was used by participants in Operation: Olive Garden as an easier way to communicate with each other.

On Saturday May 24th 2014 Stormtrooper26 launched the first supply run of Operation: Olive Garden with over 1,500 pieces of bread being dropped onto Carbon within the first hour and another 500 pieces over the course of the day. Carbon's government responded with various diffrent propaganda posts showing that they would not yeild so easily to Operation: Olive Garden's demands, thus ensuring that a seige would soon befall Carbon and a war of attrition would soon begin.

Later in the conflict, the Breadvolutionaries employed heavy weapons and WMB's in their attempt to legalize bread.