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The Emishi (also called Ebisu and Ezo) - aka “Shrimp barbarians" are a semi-nomadic tribe founded by Joshyutah with a deep culture and religious foundation on CivUniverse. They migrate from nation to nation depending on mutual benefits with host nations. A symbiotic agreement is established between the host nation’s leader and the four tribe elders. The Emishi elders follow the Nomadic Common Law a ever changing document that is amended by the host nation and the elders.

The Emishi are comprised of newfriends looking to learn from power groups in exchange for the best propaganda creation and lore building. They bring culture diversity to any nation and a infinite recruiting pipeline from strategy boardgames, D&D communities and NSA agents.

The Nomadic Common Law: 1st Edition

  1. - The first nomadic law is to protect and defend your tribe. You are my other me. If I do harm to you, I do harm to myself. If I love and protect you, I love and protect myself.

  2. - The tribe establishes a agreement with host nation, this is a binding document called the Tribal Statute. This document holds these two parties in a mutually beneficial status. The document must detail civic gameplay for both parties including, name-layer controls & overview, pvp roles, land/ infrastructure/ commerce usage, and taxes.

  3. - The tribe must agree to the host nations laws as long as they seem fit for the vitality of the tribe. This includes all aspects of civilization (building, economy, and pvp). If the hosts demands break the laws of the Tribal Statute, then a 48 hour auto-parley is enacted to make amendments or to reject the statute. The aftermath of a rejected statute is dependent on the tribes cultural aversion with the host. 

  4. - A tribe must establish an end game, this can vary depending on nomadic tribe, and it can be private or public. This can lead to a festival and tribal victory parade. 

  5. - All pearls captured by tribe members must be handed over to host nation. 

  6. - The host nations must create a discord channel within their own server to allow for the tribes cultural expression to unfold.

The Nomadic Common Law: 1st Edition was written by Joshyutah as framework for future nomadic and minority groups to establish common ground with host nations.