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Note: This lists out the changes done within the main CivClassic server. This does not include the Civtest server.

1 April 2018

  • Server updated to 1.12
  • ExilePearl replaces PrisonPearl
  • MemeMana gives daily points to fuel pearls

22 February 2018

  • FactoryMod:
    • Nether Star Recipe added to other cauldrons.

21 February 2018

  • FactoryMod:
    • Nether Star Recipe added to basic cauldron:
Input Output
3 Wither Skull 1 Nether Star

10 February 2018

  • PvP:
    • Pearls reverted to vanilla gravity.

8 January 2018

  • Prison Pearl:
    • /ppkill has been disabled
    • Inventory now drops when freed.

5 January 2018

  • "Hey everyone, as you may know we sometimes have a hard time responding to modmail. This is partially our fault, but also the new reddit modmail system really sucks. We'd like to use a ticket system like civcraft did where it uses modmail as a layer in-between, but we can't because the old ticket system used the old modmail api. If anyone is so inclined, the new ticket system api can be found here and the old script can be found here. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to tackle this!"

4 January 2018

  • So our associations file got corrupted yesterday and I was trying to pick through old modmails to piece it back together but searching through old modmail is impossible. If you've previously received an exception and I haven't talked to you yet please modmail today to get that sorted out, thanks.

3 January 2018

  • Misc. Changes:
    • You can now connect to the server using 1.12.2

2 January 2018

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added BlockLimits: This plugin allows for certain blocks to be limited in chunks.
Block Limit
Piston 10
Hopper 16
Sticky Piston 10
Furnace 40
Slime Block 8
Dropper 16
Dispenser 16
Observer 4

29 December 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Bastion Maturation is now 48 hours.

5 November 2017

  • Welcome /u/dsclouse117 to the admin team, hopefully this will help address some of the concerns that not enough is being done by us to respond to modmail in a timely fashion.
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added Donum: Admins can return lost items to players. If available, the player can use the /present command in order to get their items back.

8 October 2017

  • JukeAlert:
    • Jukebox cull time has increased to four weeks.

29 September 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Redstone Lamp recipe has been added to the aesthetic factory:
Input Output
8 Blaze Rods Redstone Lamp
32 Glowstone

25 September 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Fixed bug involving Fossils and Enchanted Books.
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Bastions will heal five (5) durability on restart.
    • Bastions will disappear when broken by placing blocks.
    • /logout is disabled in combat.
    • /logout tag timer reduced to 20 seconds.
    • Fixed bug regarding Alt bans not working.

24 September 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Actually added super-friends to the server.

18 September 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Added Mooshrooms and Bats to the mob limiter.

11 September 2017

  • Basically a couple days ago the server ran out of space for the database causing reinforcements, snitch entries, and bastions during the period when it was full from being saved. Luckily I was around and the issue didn't last very long, but some data was still lost. I'm working on checking logs to find the lost data, but it's taking some time and might be a few more days before I have time to sort through it all properly. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added super-friends to the server. These super-friends are able to respond to /helpop and other smaller administrative tasks.

4 September 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • XP recipes now use saplings instead of fish (any type of sapling can be used)
    • Long Grass recipe has be halved.

1 September 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Increase global mob limit for both hostile and neutral mobs.
  • Misc. Changes:
    • There are some issues with the namelayer linking command. I advise not using it for the time being or you might be locked out of your group.

31 August 2017

  • Prison Pearl:
    • You can no longer pearl yourself.

14 August 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Doubled wither skull drop rate.
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Reverted beacon changes.

13 August 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Reinforced beacons will now give effects to players on that group. To change that, you need to change the [BEACON] permission on the reinforced group.

12 August 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Reverted Mustercull change to ClearLag.

11 August 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Fixed configs such that bots won't be constantly kicked.

10 August 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Changed Anti-cheat.

3 August 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Polar Bear Eggs are now obtainable with Bane of Arthropods.

2 August 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Implemented new algorithm for grabbing alts and preventing pearled alts to login.

29 July 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Brewery has been updated to contain more brews.

28 July 2017

  • HiddenOre:
    • HiddenOre will no longer spawn ores in the End.
  • PvP:
    • Splash Health 2 potions now grants 6 hearts

27 July 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Increased mob cap in mustercull.

21 July 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Added repair recipe to printing press.

19 July 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Alt-banning no longer kicks the pearled account.
    • Fixed an issue where logging out in the End will spawn you in the middle of the End after re-log.
    • Adding Farley50 to any list is now a bannable offense.

18 July 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Bio-Component recipe returns your bucket.
    • Compaction now costs fuel.

17 July 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Mustercull has been added.
    • Removed merging from mustercull.
  • FactoryMod:
    • Fixed a bug where the advanced cauldron recipes would not work.

16 July 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Slime Activation Ranged increased to 32 blocks.
  • FactoryMod:
    • Crate Recipe has been reverted back to Chests.
  • JukeAlert
    • JukeAlert Has been updated.
    • A message now appears when a snitch is destroyed.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed /jamute from muting too many groups
      • Fixed Combat Logger activating snitches
      • Fixed ghost entry on snitches
      • Fixed /help <JukeAlert Commands> from not showing arguments for certain commands
    • New Command:
      • /jalist <Group> (Lists members within a group)
    • Hover messages have been reworked and added to the following messages:
      • Snitch Notifications
      • /jalist
      • /jainfo
      • /jaclear
      • /jalookup
      • Snitch Destruction

15 July 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Crates are made with planks instead of chests
    • Compacted Recipe takes 1 second per run
    • Printing Press Fixed.

13 July 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Skeleton traps disappear the instant that skeletons target you.
    • Creepers drop double gunpowder.
  • Prison Pearl:
    • Pearls will no longer transfer through hoppers or droppers
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Repairing maxes out at level 33.

12 July 2017

  • Mobs:
    • Horse eggs are now obtainable with Bane of Arthropods.

9 July 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Crate recipe has changed:
Input Output
128 Chests

3 Iron Ingots

128 Crates
  • Misc. Changes:
    • /logout notification has been moved to the top of player list.

8 July 2017

  • Misc. Changes:
    • /logout has been fixed.
    • Players will leave a combat logger if they don't use /logout when leaving the game.

7 July 2017

  • FactoryMod:
    • Bio-component cost increase from 2 slime to 3 slime
  • Mobs:
    • Slimes are now spawnable
    • Pigmen can now be activated from 32 blocks
  • Misc. Changes
    • Brewery updated to version 1.5
    • BanStick will prevent login with VPN, kicking them if attempting to login

6 July 2017

  • Players are now able to pearl themselves without being Alt-banned.
  • Global Monster limit has been increased from 50 to 70.
  • Bastion Recipe works in FactoryMod.

4 July 17

Change Details
Maturation added for reinforcements Stone: 5 minutes

Iron: ?

Diamond: ?

26 June 17

Change Details
Factory mechanics changed Factory run times and fuel consumption intervals standardized (mostly) to 4s per run and fuel consumed every 1s

22 June 17

Change Details
Netherwart uncrafting recipe added 1 block uncrafts to 9 warts
Iron door recipe buffed Iron Doors recipe now cost 24 Iron for 18 doors in the iron forge

12 June 17

Change Details
RB changes Cactus, sugarcane, melon, and pumpkin are no longer persistent
Experience recipes overhauled EXP recipes now use beetroot or saplings instead of pork, beef, and chicken