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Citadel allows you to make blocks difficult to break. When a block is reinforced, it must be broken many times before it is destroyed. The owner can bypass this, and can allow specific players to bypass it as well. There are three materials you can reinforce with: stone, iron ingots, and diamonds. The more expensive the material, the stronger the reinforcement, making it more difficult for griefers to break. You can reinforce almost any block.

Material Block Breaks
Stone 25
Iron 250
Diamond 1800

You can reinforce almost any block that already has no reinforcements. A block can only possess one reinforcement. You can't reinforce a block with 72 stone to make it require 1800 breaks. You can reinforce almost all blocks.

Note: TNT only counts as one break on a reinforced block, but it does have area of effect damage so it does one block break on multiple blocks. Regardless, TNT is rather weak and too expensive to waste on griefing.
Note: Fire will destroy one reinforcement before it dies.

Basics of Citadel

Protecting Blocks

Before reinforcing, you will need to create a group. See NameLayer Creating Groups.

To protect a blocks that have already been placed, type /ctr group-name and left or right click the block with stone, iron, or diamond in hand to reinforce it.

Recommended: Reinforcing blocks one at a time is slow. If it highly recommended to automatically reinforce as you place blocks. You can do this by typing`/ctf group-name` in chat with stone, iron, or diamond in hand then right click to place blocks. This reinforces blocks as you place them for your convenience.

If you want to create public reinforcements you need to create a public group. Look at NameLayer for this info.

Change Reinforcement Groups

You can also change the group that existing reinforcements are on to another group long as you have the BLOCKS permission by using /ctr group-name and right clicking on the block. You don't need any reinforcement materials as it costs nothing to change groups.

Removing Protected Blocks

Type /ctb in chat and and break the block to remove the reinforcement.

Checking if a Block is Reinforced

Type /cti in chat and punch a block to check if a block is reinforced.

Returning to Normal Mode

Type /cto in chat to turn off citadel mode, allowing you to access blocks normally.

Note: When breaking a reinforced block, the breaks do not count against your tool health. For example: If I completely break a stone reinforced cobblestone block then only one break is counted against the pickaxe. Your client may show that the tool has taken more damage, but by right-clicking with the tool in hand, the health will refresh.

Insecure Mode

Items can move from publicly reinforced containers to privately reinforced containers, but to perform the other way around requires use of /ctinsecure on the hopper.

If you have a group reinforced container connected to a hopper that connects to a publicly reinforced container, then items will not move until /ctinsecure is toggled on the hopper.

Type /ctinsecure or /ctis in chat and hit the reinforced hopper.

Cleaning Reinforcement Grief With Acid Blocks

Reinforcement sounds all fine and dandy until a griefer decides it is easy to privately reinforce blocks within your home city. This is often called _reinforcement griefing_. Now, for stone reinforced blocks it is relatively easy to easy to clean up by simply breaking it with a diamond or gold pickaxe. However, cleaning up a block reinforced with iron or diamond takes forever, especially whenever numerous of them are scattered through. The solution is acid blocks.

Example: A diamond reinforced obsidian block has been placed in front of your door. You could sit there and wait while you mine it out or you could use an acid block.

Place a gold block underneath the obsidian and reinforce it to the same as the block you wish to remove. Acid blocks have a warm-up time before you can activate them. Once the warm up time has passed, look at the acid block and type /ctacid. The block will pop leaving you with a gold block and the material you reinforced it with.

Warm-Up Time

Material Warm-up Time
Iron reinforced acid block 6 hours
Diamond reinforced acid block 48 hours

Non Reinforceable Blocks

These are the blocks that can't be reinforced at all due to in-game limitations, exploits, or admin crimes.

  • TNT
  • FIRE
  • SNOW
  • ICE
  • VINE

Reinforcing Crops

All crops are in the Non Reinforceable Block list, but their underlying farmland being reinforced protects them from being broken by non-group players. The crops may be harvested by their owners just like normal crops (no need for `/ctb`). If you built a farm with protected dirt/farmland/sand/soulsand, and you are going crazy because water does not break the crops, others cannot break it, or `/cti` keeps telling you that the crop is reinforced, then unprotect the farmland. The farmland and crops being unprotected is the price you pay for having a semiautomatic farm.

List of Commands

Name Usage Shortcut
Activate an Acid Block /ctacid
Bypass Mode /ctbypass /ctb
Fortify Mode /ctfortify [security-level] /ctf
- /ctfortify group <group-name> -
Reinforce Mode /ctreinforce [security-level] /ctr
- /ctreinforce <group-name> -
Info Mode /ctinformation /cti
Toggle Modes Off /ctoff /cto
Possible Reinforcement Materials /ctmaterials
Insecure Mode /ctinsecure /ctis
Help /help Citadel