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Demonyn Minyahuitzinian
Establishment July 30, 2016
Population ~17-18
Languages English
Location Tigrillo; 0,-650
Abbreviation Minya



Minyahuitzin (also called Minya) is a moderately-sized city located along Tigrillo's river. It is the current capital and largest city of Yoahtl. Along with Etherium, it forms part of the cultural, economic, and population center of Tigrillo located around the river in the northern part of the shard.


Minyahuitzin was founded on July 30, 2016; the first day of Civcraft 3.0. The leadership had previously decided to settle in Tigrillo, and a camp was established at about 0,-650. However, it turned out that Tigrillo was isolated from the rest of the map and lacking a solid source of food. On top of this, there was very little wool to make beds to set spawn points. As a result, only about 25 of the expected 100+ people settled in Tigrillo; the rest set up elsewhere or joined other nations. Occasional raids also hampered Minya's progress during the first week after launch.

Early History

Minyahuitzin was originally set up as a camp along the river in Tigrillo at about 0,-650 as 3.0 Yoahtl's base of operations. The location was chosen to avoid old enemies from the Civtemp era as well as raiders, and was originally planned to be on an island in the middle of the river. However, the river islands were smaller than expected, so one of the islands (Zeist Island) was just used as a settlement and nature preserve while the city was mainly set up on the mainland. The village of ExtraLand, an ally of Yoahtl, set up on a larger island downriver while another ally, the city of Etherium, built their city well east of the river at 666,-420. These three nations would go on to form the population, economic, and cultural center of Tigrillo, particularly the northern half of the shard.

Stone Age crisis

The period of scarcity and slow progress immediately following launch, affecting the entire server, hit Tigrillo especially hard. This was due to scarce food resources, lack of wool for beds to maintain spawn points, and many dangerous mobs such as cave spiders, witches, and creepers. As a result, the 2 nations that planned to join up with Yoahtl in 3.0 called their plans off to settle in other shards, and many old Yoahtlans expected to return for 3.0 quit to settle in other shards. Amid all this, St_Leibowitz, the Alcuahtl at the time, resigned; leaving Yoahtl without definitive leadership. Meanwhile, conflict with the southern towns in the shard arose due to comments from the Excuahtl, Isit2004, joking about how the other towns should "go get [their] own shard". This was quickly resolved or merely brushed off with every nation in Tigrillo except for Myrador. Several members of Myrador had been incriminated for raiding in ExtraLand and Minyahuitzin, and although it was formally resolved and the perpetrators officially punished or censured, issues with Myrador continued. All of these factors caused population to decline and development to slow, sparking fears over the failure of Yoahtl. However, Yoahtl eventually made it out of this crisis.

Post-Stone Age Recovery

Eventually, the crisis and worries about Yoahtl's failure began to fade and gradually disappear in the days following the first week post-launch. During the later part of the crisis, Klasikrok was appointed as the new Alcuahtl, WackyAki was appointed as Minyahuitzin's senator, and several new councilors were appointed to replace those who had left. Having reorganized, Yoahtl could then move forward in establishing new factories, formal roads, and especially public farms that provided a reliable food source for Minyahuitzin. These developments caused existing residents to stop leaving and become more active, as well as attract a few new residents. While this was happening, inter-shard transportation and foreign trade established themselves on the server, improving the city's economic prospects and pulling it out of an initial recession of sorts. At the same time, Myrador was losing residents and influence, which served to decrease the amount of strife between it and Yoahtl. Probable causes of Myrador's decline are corruption concerns, lack of factories, difficulty of development due to local geography, and lack of a solid economic base. So far, Minyahuitzin has gained about 4-5 residents since the end of the crisis, and a new Yoahtlan town, Andromeda, has been established west of the capital city.


The city of Minyahuitzin is primarily located along the south bank of Tigrillo's river. It also includes a small island in the river called Zeist Island, a lightly developed nature preserve, as well as a quarry north of the river called Snaprock Quarry. It is also the northern terminus of the Trans-Tigrillo Highway, which connects it to towns in the south, a spur towards Extraland and Etherium, and the shard of Ulca Felya by road. There is also a road to the Yoahtlan town of Andromeda in the west. The St_Leibowitz Memorial Bridge connects the west side of Minyahuitzin to the northern bank of the river and path between the bridge and Snaprock Quarry.


Minyahuitzin's economy, as of a week after launch, is still developing. Being in Tigrillo, its natural resources include jungle wood and redstone ore, as well as some gold and lapis ore. Cows, pigs, and chickens spawn frequently in the open spaces in and around the town, so the main food sources are meat products like steak, cooked pork, and cooked chicken. As it is situated along the river, it has easy access to water, which with imported clay allows for the development of small farms, which mainly grow carrots (8 hours with 4 clay) and wheat (16 hours with 4 clay) because they are the fastest-growing crops in the biome. Sugarcane also has been seen to grow along the river. Its leaders have expressed a desire for the city to function as a port, and although foreign trade has not developed yet, the city has its fair share of docks along the river. Minyahuitzin has recently developed factories, the first Tigrillo city to do so, and as such has potential to become a manufacturing/industrial town with good transportation infrastructure and a small agricultural sector. The town is also fairly close to Sheol and thus has the potential to harness the hell shard's resources.

Exports / Potential Exports

- Carrots

- Jungle wood / Charcoal / Other wood products

- Fish

- Redstone ore

- Cocoa beans

- Manufactured products (perhaps including XP)

- Nether products (Glowstone, netherrack, obsidian, soul sand, netherwart, etc.)

- Sugarcane

Imports / Potential Imports

- Non-redstone ores, metals, and gemstones (iron, coal, diamond, etc.)

- Wheat/bread and other foodstuffs

- Clay

- Cactus

- Other types of wood (oak, spruce, birch, dark oak, and acacia)