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List of Shards and Civilization

Building is one of the things that makes us human, and is one of the key elements of Minecraft and thus Civcraft. There have been many great and small towns and constructs throughout Civcraft. This page lists the cities, towns, villages, notable places, buildings, and constructs that the players of Civcraft have made.

Population Centers

As a general guideline for Type:

  • Village: a collection of a few buildings with fewer than 6 active people
  • Town: a collection of several buildings with fewer than 12 active people
  • City: a collection of numerous buildings with more than 12 active people
  • Metro: a collection of at least 2 cities or 3 towns within chat range of each other with many active people

Please keep the tables organized alphabetically first by Sovereign then by Name.

File:/3/3.0 shard map by addictivesombrero.jpg

Shards form the basis of Civcraft: Worlds, eaching being part of the whole. There are currently 12 shards.


Abydos is a desert of about 2/3rds sand and 1/3rd mesa with a lush oasis at its center.
Radius: 2000m
Connects to: Sheol (NE), Eilon (SW)
Map of Abydos

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Sidon Yoejhtl x,x x City
Astan Astanna 0,-600 Town
Roma SPQR 300, -300 City


Drakontas is a swamp. It is spelled with k, not c.
Radius: 1750m
Connects to: Ulca Felya (N), Volans (SE), Isolde (SW)
Map of Drakontas

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Libra Libra 0,0 City
Savion danielx9x Private City
United Kaiserinreich SPQR ??? ???
Estra ??? ??? ???
Amanita ??? ??? ???
Sovereignity of Jadeguard ??? ??? ???
Pacem Pacem Concorde 200, -1700 City
Arlegnac ??? ??? City?
The Imilia Dominion ??? ??? ???
Krautland ??? ??? ???
Fremdburg ??? ??? Town?
USR ??? ??? Outpost
Fascist State of Antilonia Antilonia ??? City


Eilon is a forest of huge trees. It is different from other forest shards in the fact that its leaves do not decay
Radius: 1500m
Connects to: Ulca Felya (E), Padzahr (SW), Abydos (NW)
Map of Eilon

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Gensokyo Gensokyo -750, 750 City
Mount Augusta Mount Augusta 1500,0 City
Volterra Volterra 100,-800 City
Regedurbia The Kingdom of Alpoko ??? City
Absaroka The Kingdom of Alpoko ??? Town
Sherwood The Kingdom of Alpoko ??? Village
Victoria Volterra east of 100, -800 City
Province Volterra east of 100,-800 Village
Nubia Mount Augusta ??? Village
3.Road 3.Road ??? Corporate Center


Isolde is snow and mountains.
Radius: 2500m
Connects to: Dracontas (NE), Padzahr (NW)
Map of Isolde

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Naschtund Naschtund Private Town
Asgard Asgard Private Village
Ghorrock Senntisten Private Town
Icengard Icengard Private Town
Haven Haven 0,0ish City


Naunet is an ocean with one large island.
Radius: 1000m
Connects to: Tjikko (SW)
Map of Naunet

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Aquora Auroran Republic -420, -420 City
Aquila Aquila 775, -75 City


Padzahr is a spooky forest biome.
Radius: 1000m
Connects to: Eilon (NE), Isolde (SE)
Map of Padzahr

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Falstadt Proper Falstadt Private City
Chancer CUNT Private City

Rokko Steppe

Rokko Steppe is a plain with a river.
Radius: 2000m
Connects to: Volans (SW), Tjikko (NW)
Map of Rokko Steppe

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Aegis Aegis 0,0 City
Locherüm Locherüm Private Gym
Rinninport Rinninport Private Town
🌭 Weenie Hut Jr. 🌭 Weenie Hut Jr. Private Town
Germania Germania -1000,-1000 City
Zeikaligsta Zeikaligsta Private Village
House Gold House Gold Private Kingdom
City of Hayek Not Applicable -1200, 200 Village


Sheol is hell.
Radius: 1300m
Connects to: Tigrillo (SE), Abydos (SW)

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
x x x,x x


Tigrillo is, in most places, a dense jungle split in two by a large river. Mountains are prevalent throughout the shard.
Radius: 1750m
Connects to: Ulca Felya (S), Sheol (NW), TBA (NE)
Map of Tigrillo

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Etherium Etherium 666,-420 City
Extraland Island Extraland 275,-315 Village
Heinessen Heinessen 800,-1500 Town
Keel'teka Myrador State -800,800 City
Thornia Myrador State -1450,-600 Town
God's Grove Yoahtl [Private] Village
Beneshire Myrador State [Private] Outpost
Valeon Valeon -350,500 Town
Andromeda Yoahtl [Private] Village
Minyahutizin Yoahtl 0,-650 City


Tjikko is a taiga covered in spruce forest, about a third of which is covered in snow.
Radius: 1500m
Connects to: Naunet (NE), Rokko Steppe (SE), Ulca Felya (W)
Map of Tjikko

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Alexandria Concordia x,x City
Baramura Concordia x,x Village
Columbia Concordia x,x Borough
First Landing Concordia x,x Borough
Iria Iria x,x City
Maester Alliance Concordia x,x Borough
Morilyn Iria x,x Town
New Petra Concordia x,x Borough
Talanon Garundistan -830, -530 Town
Tellus Iria Village
Terios Concordia x,x Borough
New Kryapolis Auroran Republic 700, -250 Village

Ulca Felya

Ulca Felya is all rock and caves, i.e. completely underground.
Radius: 3000m
Connects to: Tigrillo (N), Tjikko (E), Dracontas (S), Eilon (W)

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Crossroads 3.Road 0,0 Shop
Hole ??? ??? Town


Volans is floating extreme hills.
Radius: 1000m
Connects to: Rokko Steppe (NE), Dracontas (NW)
Map of Volans

Name Sovereign Coordinates Type
Nova Danzilona Free City of Nova Danzilona +,+ City
Endeavour City and United Territories of Endeavor ?,? City
Cascade The Cascades ?,? Town
Whisper ??? ?,? Town
First Hearth ??? ?,? Village
Glenroe Aegis ?,? Town
New RoseVale RoseVale ?,? Village
Girane N/A ?,? Village

Notable Constructs

World Wonders

There have been many lists and "7 World Wonders" posts about the greatest constructs in Civcraft in the previous worlds. 3.0 hosts the World Sites and Wonders Committee. It was founded by UPK33P on August 7th, 2016. The committee is a group of seven members and politically non-aligned. The criteria that the committee rules upon is found here and here. Listed here are some of the greatest built in 3.0 so far including the reason why they are listed:


Other Builds

Notable buildings, constructs, and projects include international infrastructure, projects for great tournaments, memorials for events affecting all of Civcraft, etc.



CivTemp is the temporary server between Civcraft 2.0 and 3.0 meant for testing the plugins which will be used in 3.0. On the server, the world is split into several smaller worlds, so-called "shards", which are listed below, including townships on them.

To minimize confusion, the table of CivTemp places has been moved here.