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First Hearth

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File:Http:// square with question mark.png
Location Private
Demonyn Camper
Government Nominal Monarchy
Leader The Khingus Dhingus
Establishment July 30th, 2016
Population ???


First Hearth is the seat of the Dhingdom of XXXXXX established on the first day of 3.0 by the eventual settlers of Nova Danzilona and Endeavor/Endeavour. In a short period of time its the hill of First Hearth was a bustle of activities with farms and shelters built in the harsh environment.

Although periodically raided the settlers of First Hearth defended their land and way of life most notably thus far in the Raid of Callid's Revenge and the Battle with Foofa's Crew.

As more history is made in this vital location more will be added.