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Capital Roma
Official Languages English, Latin
Demonym Roman
Government Republic
Map of SPQR


SPQR or Senatus PopulusQue Romanus is a roman themed nation with the government based on the ancient roman republic. Roma is located in Abydos, the desert shard, in the north-east corner of the oasis.


The veteran player HerbieVersmells has been apointed dictator by the Senate to lead the nation in the first months of the new map until a more stable government is establish and a new constitution is made.

Picture Title Name
File:Http:// Dictator HerbieVersmells


Alliances and Treaties

  • Federation Alliance: Alliance forged between the nations of SPQR, Volterra and the OGOM group.
  • Osiria Client Kingdom: The Kindom of Osiria, before known as the Khanate, agreed upon theSPQR-Khanate treaty to become a protectorate of Roma.