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List of Nations in 3.0


Nations in Abydos
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/sidon.png Republic of Sidon Sidon Sidon City Democratic Republic File:/3/simple.png Leader Simplebastard

File:/3/that.png Leader Thatonederp
File:/3/fish.png Leader Fishywa State of Astanna Astanna Astan Limited Monarchy File:/3/droid.png District Governor DroidJoe Senatus PopulusQue Romanus S.P.Q.R Roma Republic File:Http:// Dictator HerbieVersmells
fl.jpg Frontierland Frontierland Townsville Democratic Mayor Spongesuds


Nations in Drakontas (aka Bayou)
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
updated_flag.png Republic of Libra Libra Libra City Democratic Republic File:/3/motown.png Sovereign Motown
pala.png Pala Islands Pala Islands Pala Islands Anarchist City File:/3/greenble.png Kahuna Nui Greenble10
File:/3/pacem.png The Pacem Concorde Pacem Pacem City Platonic Republic File:/3/shtim.png Chancellor Shtim
File:/3/savion.png Republic of Savion Savion Savion Democratic Republic File:/3/daniel.png Prime Minister danielx9x


Nations in Eilon
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s) Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo Gensokyo Tatara City Heavenly Kingdom File:/3/screen.png Queen Screenname
File:/groups/nations/1420274945086-0.png Akihabara High School Akihabara Akihabara Student Council File:/3/centi.png Student Body President Centipede777 Kingdom of Alpoko Alpoko Regedurbia Absolute Monarchy File:/3/havana.png King HavanaNights
File:/3/volterra.png Volterran Empire Volterra Volterra City Representative Monarchy File:/3/mickale.png Emperor Mickale
File:/3/augusta.png Republic of Mount Augusta Mount Augusta Mount Augusta Minarchist Republic File:/3/njord.png Lord Mayor Njordomir
File:/factions/province.jpg Province of Province Province District Government File:/3/people/ithil lor.png Her Royal Majesty, Ithil_Lor, Ruler of Province and Bringer of Potatos


Nations in Isolde
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)


Nations in Naunet
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/nations/newflag.png The People's Most Serene National Republic of Nautilus Nautilus Nautilus City Maritime Dictatorship belala.png Grand Captain Bellauu

kovio.png Grand Admiral Kovio

The Republic of Aquila Aquila Aquila Constitutional Republic evocator.png Councilor Evocat0r

asomb.png Councilor ASomb
zalbag.png Councilor Zalbag Auroran Republic Aurora Aquora Democratic Republic kieran.png Chancellor Kieran8383

panto.png Pantarch Pantostado1066


Nations in Padzahr
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/falstadt.png Kingdom of Falstadt Falstadt Falstadt Proper Monarchy File:/3/blue.png Kaiser BlueSylvaer

The Federation of Chansylvania Chansylvania Constitutional Confederacy File:/3/tigen.png Executor Tigen

Rokko Steppe

Nations in Rokko Steppe
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/euthenia.png Socialist Sovereignty of Euthenia Euthenia Euthenia Socialist Democracy File:/3/papa.png President _Papa
File:/3/housegold.png House Gold House Gold House Gold Monarchy File:/3/80ddf3809ca200270a69e74220b9204a.png coreyn62
File:/3/aegis.png Aegis Republic Aegis Aegis Democratic Republic File:/3/prof.png Councilor Prof_TANSTAAFL

File:/3/ladez.png Councilor Ladezkik
File:/3/walkers.png Councilor Walkers

File:/3/croco.png Crocodile Island Crocodile Island Crocodile Island Dictatorship File:/3/cracker.png El Presidente CRACKERJACK

File:/3/psn.png La Presidente PSN_Gamer

File:/3/hayek flag.png City of Hayek Hayek City of Hayek Stateless Society N/A


Nations in Tigrillo
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/flag alpoko myrador-01.png Myrador State Territory of Alpoko Myrador Keel'teka Parliamentary Councilship File:/3/wehttam664.png Chancellor Wehttam664

File:/3/catx8.png Councilor catx8
File:/3/xandyboy98x.png Councilor xandyboy98x

File:/3/yoah.png Empire of Yoahtl Yoahtl Minyahuitzin Huehuetlic File:/3/mia.png Alcuahtl Quauhtli_Mia

File:/3/isit.png Excuahtl Isit2004

valeon.png Valeon Valeon Valeon Direct Democracy File:/3/unlikely.png Dictator Unlikelyvictim


Nations in Tjikko
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
flag-of-grinssr.png Grundeswald Revolutionary Islamic Soviet Socialist Republic GRINSSR Tjikkobad Orkocracy kovio.png BIG Kovio
iria_flag.jpg Republic of Iria Iria Iria Proper Democratic Republic File:/3/nations/wolf.png Leader wolfeyes391 Federation of Concordia Concordia Alexandria Parliamentary Democracy File:/3/thelone.png Prime Minister TheLoneTopwolfx
File:/3/persia.png Kingdom of Persia Persia Persepolis Kingdom File:/3/xur.png King Xurksice
File:/3/garund.png Federation of Garundistan Garundistan Talanon Federation File:/3/anid.png Right Regent

File:/3/miner.png Left Regent Miner_Steve77

File:/3/defem.png Seventh Empire of Defem Defem Königsberg Monarchy File:/3/cheese.png Kaiser Cheesebubbles


Nations in the Volans
Flag Official Name Name Capital Government Type Leader(s)
File:/3/danzilona.png Free City of Nova Danzilona NDZ Nova Danzilona Direct Democracy n\a