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The People's Most Serene National Republic of Nautilus

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The People's Most Serene National Republic of Nautilus
Capital Nautilus City
Official Languages English
Demonyn Nautilusian
Government Maritime Republican Dictatorship
Grand Captain belala.png Bellauu
Grand Admiral kovio.png Kovio
Establishment 8-1-2016
Population ~15
Abbreviation NAU
Map of Nautilus


Nautilus, officially The People's Most Serene National Republic of Nautilus, is a nation located in Naunet situated at the entrance from the portal to Tjikko. It borders the Republic of Aquora to the North, The Republic of Aquila to the East, and the Void Imperium to the South-East. Nautilus is a maritime dictatorship run by the Grand Admiral and Grand Captain of the Arluq, the country's governing vessel. It is one of the three independent Chan states on the server.



Nautilus was founded by Captain Bellauu on the 1st of August, 2016. Nautilus was originally intended to be it's own state within Naunet, but heard that she might end up angering the geopolitical great power, Aquila. So she deemed it a neutral trading hub, and worked on fostering relations with the Republic of Aquila, and making a trading hub which later turned into Nautilus Harbour near the entrance to Tjikko.

Grundeswegian Migrants

On the 3rd of August, 2016, a large horde of peaceful Grundeswegian economic migrants came to the shores of Nautilus and came to find it home. Nautilus came to accept these refugees with open arms, and found that multiculturalism was truly its strength. These migrants have added greatly to the economy and Nautilus is now a geopolitical ultrapower.

Naunet Aquatic Union

Nautilus, Aquila and Aquora held a conference in the middle of August on the issue of the Miner Question. The three countries agreed that something had to be done about the blatant sovereignty violations that were going on continuously throughout the shard, and they had to do something about it. They wrote up a document together called the Naunet Aquatic Union and brought in the colonies of other powers as well, one such colony being Concordia. Concordia did not like the idea at all, and accused the NAU members of trying to form a diamond cartel, when it was no such thing. On account of reluctance to form the union without every member of Naunet, including the colonies, the plans fell through, however there is still talk of reattempting the union.

Political Divisions

Political divisions in Nautilus are made up of Provinces, generally with the head of seat in said province being located on a ship. Below is a list of all the current provinces and territories of Nautilus.

Political Divisions of Nautilus
Flag Type Name
newhabourflag.png City State Nautilus Harbour
SANTABELLA.png Province Santa Bella
nautilushabourflag.png Province Nautilus
kaowniflag.png Province Alkaowni
rockwell.png Territory Rockwell Reserve


The government style of Nautilus is officially Maritime Republic, however due to having no constitution or rule of law it is more or less a dictatorship run bilaterally by the Grand Captain and the Grand Admiral. Below is a list of the current members of government in Nautilus in order of highest to lowest rank.

List of Government Officials
Picture Title Name
belala.png Grand Captain Bellauu
File:/3/nations/kovio.png Grand Admiral Kovio "Vote for Bernie" van Buren
File:/3/nations/chris.png Last Mate Killer_Chris
File:/3/nations/greenkitten.png Master Gunner Greenkitten
File:/3/nations/striker.png Pozman Ron "Striker2117" Grundeswald
File:/3/nations/mandy.png Emira Mandy Alkaowni
File:/3/nations/papa.png Head Cook Papa Scungeli

Flags of Nautilus

There have been two official flags of Nautilus. The first was flown in 2016 since independence day on September 1st to September 12th. The second flag was designed and ratified on September 12th.

Past and Present Official Flags of Nautilus
Picture Flown Through
File:/3/nations/xobfft5.png August 1st, 2016 - September 12th, 2016
File:/3/nations/newflag.png September 12th, 2016 - Present