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Capital Iria Proper
Demonyn Irians
Government Provisional Government
Leader Wolfeyes391
Established June 2013 (2.0)

30 July 2016 (3.0)

Population ~40
Abbreviation IR



Iria is a nation in northern Tjikko, centered around the city of Iria Proper.


2.0 History

Main Article: Irian History in 2.0

Iria was founded by Lottosprayer and HorizonLeap at the start of 2.0 in one of the map's custom redwood forests. Joined by Glurf and Wolfeyes391, the town began to prosper, and Iria joined the Corum Alliance, a an alliance of nearby cities. However, the Corum Alliance was attacked by many raiders, and soon Iria was the only active town in the Corum Alliance. Iria was eventually sacked and taken over by the Islamic National Front raiders in late 2013. While there were attempts to organise a rebellion against the INF, Iria was soon almost mostly abandoned.

In early 2014, Iria was revived, with Wolfeyes391 as it's new leader. Iria became very active, joining the North East Alliance, and despite raids from groups such as BMB and Eagle Crew, Iria managed to stay strong and fight off the raiders. Iria stayed relatively active and peaceful until the end of 2.0, although they did have multiple conflicts with the Federal Socialist Republics, leading to many nations leaving the NEA just before the announcement of 3.0.


When 3.0 was announced in January 2016, Iria had planned to join the remaining nations of the NEA in the "Heartland Federation", but the federation fell apart due to disagreements among the groups that composed it. Instead, Wolfeyes planned to create a new Iria in 3.0.

The Beginning of 3.0

After the server's reopening, Iria reformed as a state in North Tjikko. Early into the map Iria was raided by [[[3/groups/tkon|the Knights of Networking (TKON]], who also claimed some of Iria's land[1]. With the help of Concordia[2], Iria defeated TKON, pearling them[3] and taking their land as reparations. There was also a minor border dispute with Defem[4], but this was quickly resolved[5]. Irians also founded colonies in Rokko Steppe and Naunet, known as Brandywine and New Veneto respectively.

The Hermit War

Jontiben, a former member of TKON, was given the TKON town, now known as Tellus, to administer as a city inside Iria. Claiming that Iria had done nothing to stop the raiders in the area, Jontiben seceded from Iria, joining the Tigrillo Hermetic Confederacy. In response to this decision, Greenble10, an influential Irian, tried to evict Jontiben from Tellus[6]. THC responded by invading Iria[7]. With the help of Concordia, Defem and Crocodile Isle, The THC invaders were lured into an ambush and pearled[8], leading to an Irian victory[9]. Soon after, the THC was disbanded[10], with most of it's former inhabitants leaving.