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The Grundeswald Revolutionary Islamic National Socialist Soviet Republic
Capital Tjikkobad
Official Languages English
Demonyn Grundo a-go-go, baby
Government One-party Orkocracy
Leader kovio.png BIG Kovio
Establishment 2016-08-17
Population ~15
Abbreviation GRINSSR


GRINSSR, officially Grundeswald Revolutionary Islamic National Socialist Soviet Republic, is a nation located in eastern Tjikko situated at the entrance from the portal to Rokko Steppes. It borders the Republic of Aurora to the North. GRINSSR is an Orkocracy run by however can best the current leader fair, clean, hand to hand combat. GRINSSR is home to New Nautilus one of the first man made lakes on the server, and is single handedly responsible for bringing chorus fruit to the rest of the server via their charitable deeds.



GRINSSR was founded by ethnic Grundeswegians as an attempt to secure a homeland that was theirs to call their own, unlike Nautilus which was not run entirely by them. The first settlement that was made in GRINNSR was a simple tree outpost created on the first day of the server. Soon a city named Tjikkostan emerged and became a bustling hub of activity, however as Lake Nautilus began completion a rival GRINSSR town absorbed Tjikkostan into its sphere on influence by monopolising the chorus fruit in the nation, making everyone else dependent upon them.


The government of GRINSSR is a Orkocracy. Anyone who defeats the current leader in fair, hand to hand combat, is the new leader of GRINSSR. Below is a list of all past and present leaders of GRINSSR.

Image Title Name Reign
chris.png Premier Emir and Most Esteemed Captain Killer_chris August 17th - September 7th, 2016
belala.png Premier Emira and Most Esteemed Captain Bella September 7th, 2016
kovio.png BIG Kovio September 7th, 2016-Present

Political Divisions

Currently GRINSSR only has one state, Tjikkostan. Below is a list of all current political divisions of GRINSSR.

Flag Type Name
tjikkostan.png State Tjikkostan