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The City of HayekLibertas inaestimabilis res est
File:/3/hayek flag.png
Capital City of Hayek
Demonyn von Hayeks
Government Stateless Society
Ideology Voluntarism
Established August 2016
Population 8


The City of Hayek

The City of Hayek is a small village adjacent to the Free City of House Gold in Western Rokko founded by newfriend and ancap YellowPandaBear at the start of 3.0.

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Canal Street, City of Hayek



Domestic Politics
The political ideology of Hayek emphasizes the importance of the non-aggression principle and private property rights. All that is required for residence is adherence to these principles. New residents are encouraged to homestead undeveloped land in the area and in order to facilitate this current residents will often provide resources to help newcomers get settled. The city also has a publicly available wheat field and forest which were provided initially by the Liberty Agricultural Company and later maintained and expanded by later settlers.

Foreign Relations
As a stateless society, Hayek as a collective has no official relations with other nations though its residents are on friendly terms with a number of other nations. Most notable would be Hayek's neighbor House Gold. Relations between the two nations are cordial though there are no official alliances.

Other nations with which residents are on good terms include Concordia, Germania, Skora, Aurora, Crocodile Isle, and Dacia.

The City of Hayek has no known international enemies.


Civcraft 3.0

In August 2016, YellowPandaBear settled in Western Rokko and began the Liberty Agricultural Company. Shortly afterward Arcadia began to settle just north of the first homestead of Hayek and then the Free City of House Gold settled to the West. During this time the construction of the Hayek-Memetopia Canal (C1 on Germanian maps) began and was eventually finished before the completion of the walls of House Gold. Upon completion of the canal, Hayek began to attract some new residents who settled in the region immediately south of the wall of Arcadia. The city has been steadily growing partly because of the lack of restriction on personal freedom and partly because of its willingness to accept newfriends.

Residents of Hayek regularly trade with other nations both in and outside of Rokko. There are also efforts underway to create an inter-shard canal system through Rokko. The project is the result of a cooperation between YellowPandaBear, The_Sky_God, and representatives from other nations including Germania and Dacia.



  • YellowPandaBear
  • Texalted
  • takerofrabbits
  • Great_Shamalow
  • The_Sky_God
  • GeneralPengu
  • ilikecookies1337
  • Rhettrock


  • BrunoTheMiner


  • Liberty Agriculture
  • The Hayek Commercial Land Company
  • Mine Co
  • Lapidot Industries