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Capitals Rockwood Grove, Overcast City, Fort Visegrad, Cloud City
Demonym Hermit/Hermetic
Government Confederation
Leaders Austrobernd (ArchDuke of Visegrad),

Jo_Rey1086 (leader of RWG),
68pingy (President of Overcast),
Jontiben (Lord Protector of the western Marches)

Established Declaration: August 18, 2016
Disbanded August 26, last Nation to leave THC
Population 15~20 (no census data as of yet)
Abbreviation THC


Tjikko Hermetic Confederacy

The Hermetic Confederacy is a confederation compromising of various nations, towns, and homesteads. THC lies in the northwest edge of Tjikko, what once was known by the locals as "free Tjikko".

Current States

  • Rockwood Grove
  • The Overcast Republic
  • The Arch-Duchy of Visegrad
  • The Lordship of the Western Marches


THC lead an expedition into Iria which turned into the THC-Irian war


The Hermetic Council

The official parliament of THC.


A vote of two thirds shall be enough to establish laws concerning Defense, interstate commerce or any other general good of the Confederacy.


The Secretary of the Confederacy is an rotary position, which is officially the Speaker of the Hermetic Council. As such he holds the responsibility of judicial review over the Council and leading meetings among other responsibilities. Below is a list of Member states and their appointed representative.

Voting representatives

  • Rockwood Grove - Jo_Rey1086
  • The Overcast Republic - 68Pingy
  • The Arch-Duchy of Visegrad - Austrobernd
  • The Lordship of the Western Marches - Jontiben

Non-Voting representatives

  • -

Note: Only members of the Council can bring up legislature.


  • Enacted - Passed by the Council.
  • Failed - Denied by the Council.
  • Invalidated - Made invalid by either the Constitution or the actions of a member or an outside actor upon the Council.
C.R.R.# Title Yes No Abstain Result
C.R.R.01 Declaration of war against IRIA 1. Austro

2. Pingy
3. Jo
4. Jon

- - Enacted, war is declared on Iria. See
C.R.R.02 Disolution of the Confederacy 1. Austro - - Enacted, As visegrad is the last remaining member of THC, the leaders have decided to disband the confederation.
C.R.R.03 - - - - -
C.R.R.04 - - - - -
C.R.R.05 - - - - -