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SavionThe Flag
Land claims(07/09/2016)
Government Democracy
Motto The Land of Milk and Honey. And memes.
Prime Minister danielx9x
Capital Savion
Local Languages Hebrew, English
Demonyn Savionions
Establishment Civcraft 2.0
Population 16
Subreddit /r/Savion



Savion is a town located near -1300, 0 on the Drakontas shard.

2.0 History

Savion (in 2.0) was founded by a handful of Israeli members who came from Fellowship. The initial purpose of Savion was to set up an EXP production business, so an isolated and secluded island, surrounded by a selection of biomes, was picked. The name Savion was inspired by the IRL local council in Israel, “Savyon”, known for their grand economical and social status.

Savions first territory was given to the pioneers by the Eastern Bloc under a strict contract, and for months the relations between the two neighbors heated. Savion went through many conflicts, some turned violent, even though Savion’s military force was severly outnumbered. In the end, the Island was annexed by the FSR, and the population was forced to form an emergency evacuation and begin roaming the land, searching for a new home.

3.0 History

The first day

The Savionions we're hyped up for the beginning of 3.0. They have been waiting for months, discussing and preparing everything they possibly could. On the first day, Savion already had 14 Citizens. At first, the Savionions had trouble picking a shard. They went from Tjikko to Eilon, and from Eilon to Drakontas. 12 hours since launch, they have decided to stay in Drakontas.

The stone age

A week after the foundation of Savion, they have already built a bunch of farms, a factory building, roads, a warehouse and a vault. A month later, they had the 3rd pylon in Drakontas, a canal connecting them to Libra, homesteads scattered through their territory.


The Prime Minister (or PM) is the head leader of Savion, chosen by the citizens in the elections.

Minister of Economy The MoE is incharge of the market area, the funding of various government approved projects, rent and tax management and the Savion treasury and bank maintenance.

Minister of Defense The MoD is responsible for Savion’s snitch network, which includes placement of new snitches, maintenance of current snitches, adding or removing players from the group. The MoD is also reponsible for defensive infastructure within the city, which includes the city walls, trenches, bunkers, traps, bastions and the entire vault area. He is also responsible for the vault maintenance which includes coal storage and prisoner registration, managment and transparancy.

Minister of Warfare The MoW is responsible for Savions Defense Force and is in command of the SavioKnights. He can recruit new SavioKnights, dismiss current SavioKnights, call for training and manages warfare.

Minister of Foregin Affairs The MoFA is responsible for Savions diplomacy, representation and reputation. He is the bridge between Savion and the world. He is responsible for creating Embassy’s in different civilizations, maintaining them and keeping peace. If instructed by the PM, he can also represent Savion in the legal field. Maintains good relations with Savions neighbors, alliances, trade routes and such.

Miniter of Infastructre The MoINF is responsible for Savions projects, buildings, transportation systems, factories and derelictions. Manages the builders citadel group, the warehouse and factory repair room.

Minister of Production The MoP is responsible for Savions productions facilities, including all sorts of farms and EXP factories.

Minister of Interior The MoINT is responsible for the managment of various google doc files and lists, population status, Citizenship application and incorporation of new Citizens and Residents. Is also responsible to represent citizen’s and resident’s in the communication with the government.

Minister of Memes The MoM is responsible for memes which includes placement of hidden meme signs, creating lore, documenting history, propaganda and much… much more.


Makorh PM
danielx9x MoE
SilverTuxedo MoFA
shapha2002 MoW and MoD
Mowtek MoINT
Ribat MoP
OLivay MoM
shoham69 Citizen
Idan072N Citizen
nononoam Citizen
THEhunter478 Citizen
ShalevD Citizen
_TNT_man_ Citizen
DudiP Citizen
itaizelther Citizen
amitkk Citizen